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Why You Should Use Iron-On Name Labels for Clothing

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Keeping the home organized is a huge responsibility, but one that comes with too many benefits to ignore. Families with small children will certainly understand the daily challenge of trying to get your kids to cooperate with you, clean up after themselves, and place things where they belong after each use. It is already enough of a task to handle a house with children running around, so you have to make things easier wherever you can and take advantage of every little life hack that seems to be the real deal.

In our experience, using iron-on name labels for clothing is an excellent life hack to apply, partly because it is so simple and easy, but also because it can come with great benefits that affect your daily life. Applying easy-to-use iron-on labels can help make organizing your home at least a little easier, which is already a win. Here are the most common benefits parents have noticed after starting to use iron-on name labels for clothing in the household.

Make Laundry Easy
When you have a couple of folks in the household of similar sizes, it can make doing laundry more complicated as you hastily divide clothes to go to different people. It becomes so much easier when you start using iron-on name tags for all of their clothes, right around the back of the neckline where you can easily spot it. Then you will be much less likely to hear people complaining about missing clothing.

Encourages Proper Care
Anyone with small children knows that it can be an uphill battle trying to get your kids to pick up and take care of their belongings. With iron-on name labels they can easily spot their name and keep up with their own items. Even if they leave a jacket on the playground, it easily gets returned because it has a name on it. For items that may be taken to beyond the schoolyard, like wearing a jacket to big brothers away football game, be sure to customize your iron on labels with a name and a phone number.

You want your kids to take care of their things well and try to keep things in good condition for as long as possible. This is a great opportunity to teach them how to care for their clothes. Using iron-on name labels for clothing can mark the items that belong to them and make them feel more meaningful to children. They will feel a stronger sense of ownership over these items and potentially feel more responsible for them.

You can start using iron-on name labels for clothing and customize a distinct design for each family member. For me, as a mom to 3 boys everyone is assigned their own color.

Try visiting stickymonkeylabels.com to create your own little personalized iron-on name labels for clothing for everyone in the family. It is easy to create them on the website and takes a short amount of time to have them sent to you, ready to be placed exactly where you want them to be. It’s just that easy to get your whole family set up with these helpful iron-on name tags.

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