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Why You Should Be Using Bottle Labels for Daycare

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As you send your young child off to daycare to be looked after, you will want to set everything up so that nothing is out of place and all is accounted for. The daycare workers are aware of any allergies or medicines your child has, and they are prepared to look after your child while you are away for work. It can be a bit scary sending your child off when they are still so young, but if you trust your daycare providers, you should be able to stay calm and wait it out until it is time to pick up your little one and head home together.

The main thing that you will want to do as the parent, is get your child ready with everything they need for the day. One of those things is preparing what they will eat or drink while they are there. For small children, your daycare provider will require you to bring in baby bottles that are properly labeled, just to make sure that everything is organized and there are no mistakes in what your child consumes.

To prepare these bottles for the day, we recommend Sticky Monkey Labels, as they have designed several kinds of bottle labels for daycare to fit your daycare providers’ requirements. Their baby bottle labels come customized with your child’s name, an area for the date, contents, ounces, and if you use breast milk, an area for the date expressed or thawed.

Their labels hold up well so you apply them once and write on them daily as needed, making bottle prep much faster and easier for you and your little ones bottles are clearly labeled for daycare. No mixups, no confusion. Your bottles can be hand-washed, washed in the dishwasher or placed in the bottle sterilizer with our labels on them. No replacing the labels daily or placing tape on them daily. Apply our labels once, use them over and over again.

Label Their Name
Any of their labels can be customized with your child’s name, this is the most straightforward and intuitive way of using bottle labels for daycare. Simply write your child’s name on the bottles and make it clear that that particular bottle is meant for your child. Then the daycare workers can easily distinguish between bottles and make sure that everyone drinks out of their own bottle. And what’s easier than having a waterproof name label that you apply once, that is dishwasher and bottle sanitizer safe!

Mark the Bottle Contents
Your daycare provider may need you to clearly indicate what beverage is inside of the bottle. Some children require more than one type of beverage, and may have to alternate between formula and milk, in some cases. You can easily write what the bottles contents are using bottle labels for daycare or they can customize the contents for you.

You may also want to add on the date to remind you and your daycare provider of its freshness. They have a clearly labeled area for that on their labels.

It is incredibly easy to label your child’s bottles and make sure that they are drinking only what they are meant to drink for the day. You can use bottle labels for daycare to clearly identify which bottles are for your child and what they are supposed to be drinking. This clears up any possible confusion before it has the chance to occur.

You may think these bottle labels can’t possibly be that great. Think again! They are designed by a Mom who found the need for such labels with her own children and quality is her top priority. That is why we recommend using the baby bottle labels from stickymonkeylabels.com since they are of great quality and give you some very cute and helpful options such as animal designs, pictures, and write-on labels. Designed by a Mom for parents like you.

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