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BigCommerce Developers and Improving UX: A Primer

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BigCommerce Developers

BigCommerce is a robust, useful eCommerce platform that can be used to power highly effective eCommerce websites in all sorts of industries. It’s built around eCommerce and makes it easy to launch an online store, and as a software as a service platform (SaaS), it is hosted and provides customers with a high level of security, guaranteed uptime, and excellent customer support.

However, even though BigCommerce is made for launching an online store and comes with plenty of out-of-the-box functionality, creating a high-level UX is the onus of the store administrator. BigCommerce makes it possible to create a quality online store, but it does not do all the work.

That falls partly under the purview of BigCommerce developers.

What Is BigCommerce Development?
BigCommerce development, in a nutshell, is any work that can be done to improve the usability and functionality of a BigCommerce website. Integrations with third-party applications and the development of new, custom applications are two big-ticket items of development for BigCommerce stores.

However, there are a number of other smaller configurations and BigCommerce customizations that are considered development items as well. Website support and maintenance are development items, as are improving usability by eliminating bugs. Ongoing projects to make the website ADA compliant are also considered development items. Installing or configuring items to improve navigability are also considered development projects.

Basically, any work that can be done to improve the actual functionality or usability of an eCommerce store can be considered development work. So what sorts of projects can BigCommerce developers undertake to improve user experience or UX?

How Can a BigCommerce Developer Improve UX?
There are many development projects that could be undertaken to improve a BigCommerce website’s user experience, including but not limited to the following:

● Custom app development/mobile app development
● Integrating third-party apps/payment gateways or processors
● Updating web design to eliminate bugs
● Replatforming/data migration
● ADA compliance initiatives
● Developing landing pages or lead capturing forms
● Integrating social media buttons/icons
● Launching or configuring blog pages or other CMS pages
● Responsive development/improving mobile design
● Minifying code/technical adjustments to improve SEO
● Improving site security or page speeds
● Creating survey forms or other channels for customer feedback
● Creating custom designs or themes

Why Hire a BigCommerce Developer?
The obvious reason to hire a BigCommerce developer is that qualified developers have years of experience in coding and website work that most online entrepreneurs lack.

The second reason is that even for online merchants that have extensive coding experience or even familiarity with the BigCommerce platform, development work is a time sink.

Online businesses are in business because they allocate resources where they are most needed, and when you buy or sell online, you can’t afford to be spending your 8 hours (or more) per day behind a screen tweaking and adjusting the UI of your website.

In addition, BigCommerce developers are not just expert coders. They are experts in dealing with the BigCommerce platform itself and know its limitations. There is a certain proficiency that arises from working with the same platform, and BigCommerce developers are masters at their craft.

They perform quality development work faster and better than most online entrepreneurs would be able to do on their own.

How to Choose a BigCommerce Developer
BigCommerce actually takes steps to certify developers through training, taking into account their proficiency and level of skill. Look for expert BigCommerce developers with the most experience.

One development agency we can suggest is 1DigitalⓇ Agency, at They’re BigCommerce Elite Partners and have been recognized by industry great Neil Patel for their proficiency with the platform. Plus, their web developers have designed and developed countless BigCommerce stores from the ground up, even creating custom apps for some clients.

Take a look through their client portfolio and contact them at 888-982-8269 when you’re ready to get started creating a better BigCommerce store.

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