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Which Sutliff Tobacco Blends Should I Try?

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Sutliff Tobacco

The Sutliff Tobacco Company has a pretty long-standing history in this industry, going back to the mid-19th century where it started off as a retail shop selling cigar and tobacco products in San Francisco, California. It then expanded to creating its own brand and took off from there as a beloved American tobacco brand that grew to offer a huge selection of blends for smokers to choose from. A part of the fun of having all of these options is deciding which one you are going to try next and making your way down the list, testing out blend after blend. You get to learn a lot about different tastes and flavor profiles as you go, picking out your favorites to revisit later on.

In the meantime, you still have to decide which types of Sutliff tobacco products you are going to try next. It might be hard at first to narrow down your options until you decide which ones to pick up next, but we have some suggestions that you might want to consider for your next smokes. Below are a few of the more popular blends of Sutliff tobacco that people are usually pretty excited to pick up in bulk. If you want to mix up the types of tobacco you have been enjoying lately and need some suggestions, here are a few that we know work for a lot of people.

Rum & Maple
Those who prefer simpler flavor profiles with a touch of sweetness will definitely want to pick up the Rum & Maple tobacco from Sutliff. It provides a very smooth taste with burley and Virginia blends coming together to create a nutty, earthy smoke with a little bit of rum for added depth of flavor. This is a great pipe tobacco for days when you want to sit back and enjoy a smoke as you relax.

Black Cavendish
This pipe tobacco strikes up the perfect balance of mellow yet rich flavors. It combines dark and sweet tobaccos to create a rich profile. Black Cavendish provides a warm vanilla taste, balanced out by brighter citrus notes with some fruitiness coming through. If you want a super smooth, but full flavored smoke from Sutliff tobacco, Black Cavendish might be for you.

Latakia is an excellent blending tobacco, which means it can be used as a mix-in with other blends you have in order to create a customized flavor. It has an earthy, mellow taste that complements other tobaccos easily without overpowering them. This is a great product to try if you already know that you are a fan of English tobaccos and want to try adjusting your blends here and there. It could help you transform other tobaccos into something new and exciting for you.

Although we certainly love the blends we mentioned here, we still want to emphasize that these are just a few of the many tobacco blends we can recommend from the Sutliff Tobacco Company. They have a vast range of flavors that you can peruse as you plan out which ones you would like to try next. Don’t be afraid to branch out from what you normally try and see what is really out there for you to explore. You can find lots of different blends of Sutliff tobacco online at rockyscigars.com where they carry a huge assortment of pipe tobacco from some of the most popular brands. Take a look at the ones we listed here and explore some of the other ones while you are there. This could be a good chance for you to broaden your horizon and discover something new about pipe tobacco and your preferences for it.

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