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What’s So Different About Marijuana Strains

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When you’re looking into trying marijuana for the first time, you can have many questions. In fact, even seasoned weed users might not know the exact knowledge behind the different marijuana strains.

Before you buy Polar Bear hash or any other product that doesn’t have complete information regarding strain variety and taste, it’s best to know what different weed strains are. Finding supreme grade strains, Ottawa can be challenging without the correct knowledge, so keep on reading.

Indica Vs. Sativa

When it comes to weed, there are mainly two dominant strains. Every other strain comes under these two parent types. These two strains are:

  • Indica: When you’re looking for a relaxing experience, trying out Indica strains is ideal. The effect spreads throughout your body and makes you feel calmer as time goes on. It can help with insomnia and help you achieve better-quality sleep.
  • Sativa: Known for causing your head to feel more high than your body. It can have an energetic and motivational effect on your whole body which can help relieve anxiety or stress. If you’re looking for some creative inspiration, this strain can help.

Both strains will have varying THC and CBD amounts, depending on which variant you’re trying. The only main difference between the two strains is how their effect is on your body.

Hybrid Variants

When you’re looking to target a specific need, for example, to boost your creativity, consider opting for a Hybrid strain. These strains are made with a mix of Indica and Sativa weed and help target specific requirements. These can include:

  • Hybrids for pain relief, insomnia, stress, PTSD, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, and more
  • Hybrids to make you feel invigorated, encouraged, confident and motivated
  • Hybrid strains can help relax the mind and body for better sleep, mood, and fatigue relief.

Popular variants usually help with one of these aspects, but you can also find hybrids that help with other areas like increasing focus, dedication or willpower in specific areas. Not all hybrids are mass-produced or readily available, so check your weed dispensary Ottawa Ontario, if you want to try out one.

Differing Potencies

Depending on whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned user, you might have different requirements regarding what kind of potency you would prefer from your weed. The high THC content of above 30% can put your whole body in a daze if you’re not prepared for it.

Know the potency of any weed strains you’re planning on trying out, as not knowing can expose you to side effects and make you feel out of it for a while. You can also consider choosing edibles if you’re unsure of what potency would be ideal for you to begin with.

Variety of Flavours

Many non-weed users tend to be under the impression that weed only comes in one variant and flavour. However, when you become accustomed to using marijuana, you taste the flavours more, but you can even detect notes of other flavours.

Whether you like fruity flavours like Cereal Milk or Guava Cake or are in the mood for something a bit more intense like Sour Diesel, there are tons of flavours you can try out when you’re experimenting with weed. The main flavour profiles you can find are:

  • Earthy: Pine, nutmeg, pepper, cedar, smoke
  • Fruity: orange, citrus, lemon, guava, berries, mango, pineapple, apple
  • Sweet: cereal, cake, ice cream, brownie
  • Deep: chocolate, coffee, cinnamon, vanilla
  • Floral: Jasmine, rose, lilac, lavender

Methods That Can Be Used

When it comes to experiencing your marijuana strains in their full glory, the best way would be to do it through smoking. You can use different smoking implements: rolling papers, glass pipes, glass or acrylic bongs, chillums, and much more. You can not only savour the flavours better through smoking implements, but the aroma is also much more powerful through smoking.

If you’re not in the mood for trying out any strain, you can also consider eating edibles that have low potency. It can enable you to have a more controlled dosage for your next session.

Finding the Ideal Marijuana Strain For Your Requirements

With so many marijuana strains to choose from, finding the ideal one for your needs can be a roller-coaster ride. When you know your requirements and taste palate, you can easily choose the ideal strain for your next recreational session.

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