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Important Considerations Before Buying Your Delta 8 Vape Pen

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Delta 8 Vape Pen

No doubt, the vaping device is perhaps the most popular piece f cannabis consumption hardware in the recreational industry. There are a number of reasons why the vape pen is popular. It is not only affordable, the product is also easy to use, stylish and offers a convenient way to consume cannabinoids. These pocket-size hardware are designed to improve your vaping experience. If you are set to buy delta 8 vape pen, perhaps one of the challenges you will face is the many options that you will have to chose from. In this article, we will provide you with some of the critical considerations that you have to make when buying your delta 8 vape pen.

Understanding the basics of a vape pen

The product is called a vape pen because many of the designs resemble a ball-point pen. It is roughly cylindrical, though the designs might vary depending on the company that manufactures them. Vape pens are designed to combine efficiency, portability and performance. The standard structure of a vape pen is simple. There are batteries that power a coil. The coil is meant to heat a cartridge that contains the e-liquid. Once heated, the e liquid within the delta 8 vape cartridge vaporizes. The vapor is channeled via a mouth piece for consumption.

Product differences with vape pens

Vape pens differ in products depending on the active ingredient contained in the cartridge. If the cartridge houses CBD oil, then the vape pen becomes a CBD vape oil. The cartridge can contain delta 9, delta 8, or any other cannabinoid. Sometimes the oil is formulated as a full spectrum oil which contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and fatty acids found naturally in the cannabis plant.

The various inhalation styles of vape pens

When you go to buy delta 8 vape pen, you need to consider the inhalational style of the vape pen. Your preferred inhalational style is one of the things that improve your overall experience with vaping. There are three different inhalational styles that you should be aware of. The first is Mouth to Lung (MTL). The second is Direct to Lung (DTL), while the third is Restricted Direct Lung (RDL).

MTL is the type of inhalation where the user draws in the vapor through the mouth into the chambers of the lungs. This is the go-to method for the majority of new users. This inhalation technique is simple and is the same method used to smoke tobacco. The DTL method involves active deep inhalation of vapor and forcing a large amount of the smoke into the lung. This is a preferred method among veteran users because it is one of the methods that deliver huge clouds of smoke during an inhalation.

RDL involves inhalation of vapor into the lungs albeit with some resistance to the flow of air into the lungs. This method is preferable, especially among users who want to drown themselves in thick clouds. When you go to buy delta 8 vape pen, you should be aware of the potential implications that come with the consumption of cannabis.

Vape pens are either pod based or tank based

As you look through the selection of delta 8 vapes that you want to buy, you should know that you can either have a pod-based vape pen or a tank-based device. The tank-based device is the traditional form of the vape pen. The e liquid in this vape pen is stored in a cylindrical tank that can either be made of plastic or glass. These tank-based vape cylinders are larger and lighter and thus hold more e liquid compared to the pod-based vapes. They offer a relatively longer battery life with a detachable and replaceable tank.

The pod-based vapes, on the other hand, are plastic and inexpensive alternatives to the traditional vape pen. The ne difference between pod-based vapes and traditional tanks is that pods are made for a specific device and will work only with the device it was manufactured with.


You can have either the traditional tank-based vape or the pod system when you buy delta 8 vape pen. The traditional tanks are replaceable while the pod system isn’t. But since the pods are designed specifically for the pens, they usually appear sleeker than traditional delta 8 vapes.

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