May 29, 2024


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Tips To Make You A Safe Driver Behind The Wheel

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Many people die in vehicle accidents yearly, and millions of people are injured. You can be as a safe driver as possible while behind the wheel.

Whether you are a novice driver or have had your license for years, there is always a chance to be more responsive and confident when driving on the road. Some tips you need to follow to be a safer driver behind the wheel.


Distracted driving is the most common cause of car accidents in the US. Cell phone use is usually the cause of distracted driving. However, other actions, including eating or involving children or even putting on makeup, can contribute to unwanted driving and a potentially fatal accident.

Taking a defensive driving skill while attending training of 6 hours behind the wheel at an accredited driving school in New Jersey can teach you how to react quickly when another car comes into your lane and provide additional training to make you alert as you drive. As a bonus, you can also get a concession on your auto insurance with an extra incentive to become a safer driver through course completion.

Some schools provide defensive driving courses online, although it is best to take these training personally. Contact your local driving school in New Jersey about the types of classes and the timings they can provide.


Maybe by the time you were driving, you were mishandling your steering wheel. Experts claim that if you keep your hands in proper positioning, you have more control over the direction of your car. Keep your hands firm and loose. White knuckle driving can cause your steering wheel’s tough and jerky motion and get you into the wrong lane. Proper steering wheel handling is the fundamental of driving lessons taught by instructors in a 6 hour course at a driving school in New Jersey.


It’s your natural tendency to want to avoid obstacles, such as railings, construction cones, and even semi-trucks passing by, but it’s perilous to focus too much on one thing on the road. Instead, keep your eyes on top of your steering wheel and your dash, periodically moving your eyes to the side of passing vehicles and the side of the road.


If you’re feeling tired or sleepy, turn on your radio to keep you alert or adjust the temperature in your, and take a quick nap so that you can get enough rest you need for safe driving. Don’t take the risk if you’re sleepy, relax or avoid getting behind the wheel if you haven’t gotten enough sleep. Sign up for a driving course at the Driving Practice School in Essex County for more driving tips. They can help you become an expert and confident driver.

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