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The Potential Uses And Side Effects Of Kratom

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Mitragyna speciosa is a plant that goes by several names. It is popularly known as kratom and traces its nativity to the southeast Asia. Many users and some studies have posited the potential of kratom when consumed. The active ingredient in Kratom, mitragynine, works just like opioids. One example of an opioid is morphine. Thus, you should expect kratom to have the same effect and the same side effects characteristic of opioids, albeit in varying degrees and severity.

Currently, the United States Food and Drug Administration has warned against consuming kratom or products that contain kratom. The reason for the warning is the potential for risks and side effects that are associated with unregulated consumption of kratom. In this article, we will explore some of the potential uses and side effect of kratom.

Kratom uses and side effects

There are different kratom strains and effects of these products differ from one strain to another. The commonest indication for using kratom is pain relief. Since it works just the same way as opioids work, kratom has been known to provide significant pain relief. The ability to relieve pain has been explored mostly in the management of chronic pain. Its utility in the management of acute pain is still not conclusive since the active ingredient can take anywhere between 10 minutes to 40 minutes to start working when consumed.

When you buy kratom from the lotus herb store near me and decide to consume the product orally, the possibility of unsafety and side effects cannot be underestimated, especially when you consume large doses. The large doses of kratom are associated with nausea, aggression, hallucinations, and difficulty in breathing. Sometimes the breathing difficulty can be so severe that it leads to death.

When these serious side effects occur, there is a possibility of dependence and withdrawal symptoms in the long terms. These are not strange occurrences because even opioids that are already widely used in medicine have similar presentations.

What should you do?

When you decide to consume kratom, you should be diligent with your dosing and take care not to overdose yourself with the product. The majority of the effects mentioned in the texts above are associated with overdosing on the product.


There is some utility in using kratom for pain management. But even when you buy kratom from lotus herbals store near you, be sure to take the right dosages of the product.

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