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Best Bottleless water cooler services in New England & Magnificent Wellsys 9000 CT water cooler

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Wellsys 9000 CT Water Cooler

Clearwater has over a decade of experience in providing bottleless water cooler services in New England. We believe that everyone should have access to clean and hygienic water everywhere as water is the ‘building block of life’ and pure water is essential for good health.

We proudly invite you to join our Clearwater family and experience the benefits of delicious bottleless water cooler services provided with local care in New England. We were created to address the never-ending concerns of polluted and contaminated water.

So, our team came up with the Wellsys 9000 CT water cooler to tackle this growing problem. This water cooler eliminates the overuse of plastic bottles and helps in bringing a positive difference to the environment.

About our bottleless water cooler services in New England

Water plays a key role in many things. From drinking to cooking, it has multiple uses. So, let’s dig deep right into what’s in our water;

  • Arsenic
  • Agricultural pesticides
  • Nitrates

Analysis of nearly 20 million drinking water tests revealed hundreds of pollutants throughout the United States’ tap water majorly affecting smaller children and older adults.

All these harmful compounds have made a significantly large proportion of people severely ill. To fight this issue, many people are adopting the new technology that our company offers in the form of our magnificent Wellsys 9000 CT water cooler.

Our premium grade water filtration products in New England

We at Clear Water of New England work with the motto, “Water means life and clean water means health”. Our company excels in delivering bottleless water cooler services to our customer’s homes and offices in New England

Keeping that in mind, we have come up with our exquisite range of bottle-less water machines in Connecticut.

  • WS 9000 CT:- It has LG parts and components, all stainless steel reservoirs, and innovative design and technology.
  • WS 9000 water cooler:-  It has all stainless steel reservoirs, balances pH levels in the water, and enhances water alkalinity.
  • WS 11000 UV:- It is microprocessor controlled, comes with in-built indicators and sensors, and has a built-in leak detection system.

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Specifications of our Wellsys 9000 CT water cooler

At Clearwater, we strictly support the development of locally sustainable drinking resources, sanitation facilities, health, hygiene, and awareness programs. This responsibility helped us in the making of our next-gen Wellsys 9000 CT water cooler.

It is known for its 9 stages of water purification. Other important features of this water dispenser are listed below;

  • LG parts and components
  • Innovative design and technology
  • All stainless steel reservoirs
  • Balances pH levels in the water
  • Sanitation and immune detox
  • Nutrient boost
  • Speedy water replenishment
  • Clean fresh taste

“Clearwater” not “lowest price” should be your main priority while buying yourself a water cooler. Compromising with cost today can make you compromise with your health tomorrow.

Contact us

If you are looking for further information regarding us, or if you plan on buying our Wellsys 9000 CT water cooler or bottleless water dispensers for businesses in Connecticut, then feel free to contact our team.

Address:- 5 Craftsman Road, East Windsor, CT 06088

Phone:- 877-601-1760

Email:- [email protected][email protected]

Our team would be extremely delighted if you bring an environmental reform by trying out our bottleless water cooler services in New England.


We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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