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Lipomassage for eliminating dimpled skin or cellulite in a non-invasive manner

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Cellulite is a condition where the patient sports dimpled skin or muscle on certain parts of the body. Cellulite is clearly visible in people who are fat and purse an unorganized lifestyle where they don’t mind calories.  People also get cellulite when they follow a sedentary lifestyle and do not venture out for a walk or exercise. If you do not watch out your diet and eat whatever is available irrespective of their nutrition content. Eating saturated fat in excess is likely to land yo8u with cellulite. This may make you appear grotesque, gross and ugly. However there is this lipomassage cellulite treatment available for patients who want to get rid of the dimpled looks. 

What is lipomassage?

It is a kind of massage applied on the cellulite using mechanical rollers. These are special type of massage heads that will flatten the fat deposits under your skin by kneading and pressing.  It is a natural way of getting rid of fat and the crushed and liquefied fat is drained through natural process such as consumed as energy. Lipomassage is harmless and treated patients won’t have any side effects or injury. Some people with sensitive skin may suffer from red skin and dull pain, which will disappear in a day or two. The procedure is mostly applied on thighs and butt, but can also be applied on face, arms, and breasts. 

What causes cellulite?

The following are the causes of cellulite:

  • hormones
  • poor diet
  • genetics 
  • weight gain
  • inactivity
  • pregnancy 
  • unhealthy lifestyle
  • accumulated toxins 

What is lipomassage?

Lipomassage is done using sophisticated LPG machines which is equipped with motorized rollers that are independent and patented. The rollers with their roll-up, roll-in and roll out actions intensively and gently clutch fat skin or cellulite flatten and eliminate through natural processes. It improves lymphatic drainage and revitalizes blood circulation. The LPG machine with its multiple rolling actions also improves collagen production along with elastin and firm up skin and tightens up slackening skin. According to manufacturers and cellulite clinics results will be clearly visible after 3 sittings measuring 35 minutes each.

Pros of using Lipomassage

It is a non-invasive and no surgery is involved. The processes of eliminating fat deposits using the LPG massage rollers also do it naturally such as pressing, kneading and draining. Nowhere a knife or scalpel is used in the process and this cellulite treatment is approved by FDA. 

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