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Do You Need orthotics?

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Do You Need orthotics

My 2-year-old son has ankles that roll inwards a bit. On the other hand, he does not complain of pain in his feet or legs. Should he wear orthotics near me?

Better to consult a doctor to be sure! Even without pain, misaligned ankles or feet require special attention. Feet are like cars; problems increase with mileage! If their position is not correct, it can lead to pain in the knees or hips, frequent strains, osteoarthritis, bunions, or hammertoes.

Except in severe cases, few children under 4 years of age will be prescribed orthotics. Often, we will propose the addition of a small correction in the shoe and exercises to solve the problem. After 4 years, we will consider a custom plantar orthosis. Since young children’s bones still have some flexibility and they are growing rapidly, treatments can be effective.

“It all depends on the seriousness of the issue and the age, but sometimes we can solve it 100%, says Top FINC, orthotist. The orthosis acts as a tutor to help the child grow well.” To be effective, orthoses must therefore be worn as often as possible. Since small feet grow quickly, their lifespan in children is about two years. To clean them, damp cloth and mild soap do the trick! Be careful not to dry them on an electric baseboard or near the fireplace, as they could deform.

Choose the shoes

To do their job well, orthotics must be placed inside good shoes. How to choose them? “There has to be reinforcement at the back, which means when you try to squeeze the back of the shoe inwards, it shouldn’t bend. In addition, when you take the sole at each end, you must not be able to twist it,” explains Thomas Orthotics and Prosthetics.

Also, many winter boots are too wide to accommodate orthotics. These will tend to move. Some laced models, like walking boots, may work better.

Does your young hockey player skate on the boot? Patches can be glued into the skates or molded orthoses can be inserted.

Keep your bills

Orthoses and orthopedic shoes (or having been modified to receive an orthosis) prescribed by a doctor are reimbursed in whole or in part by several group insurance companies. Otherwise, they can also be included in medical expenses on the tax return. In addition, these products are tax-free.

Did you know that…

At birth, all children have flat feet! The arch forms when the child walks and develops his muscles. Around 3 years old, she should normally be well-formed. For older children, an arch less, internally deviated foot can cause pain. A drop foot brace is then recommended.

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