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How To Wear Different Kinds of Parkas and The One That Comes With a Fur

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The parka coat with fur is one of the mainstays when it comes to winter fashion. Although we might see a few emergences of the classic men’s shearling coat every now and then, the parka pops up for flexibility in class and occasion. Anyone can wear a parka virtually everywhere they want, take the famous Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher who has solidified the trend of wearing the legendary outerwear even on stage even in warm countries. This long-standing basic lightweight outerwear is designed to keep the rain and the cold out. It also comes in different variations and is worn in various situations. If you’re still stuck in choosing which proper outerwear to invest in for the coming winter, read some more.

Parka coats are light and comfortable. Parkas that are specially lined with fur, can either make your fashion style or could take it to the next level. You can wear your staple jeans, wear a parka and no one’s going to look at you twice. But if you want to take it further to the next level, here’s how you should wear your parka the way it should be worn.

The One With The Fur
The popular and more stylish parka coat with fur is also called the arctic parka. It’s the warmest one in all parka variations. And just like all cool fashion statement pieces for men, the arctic was originally issued to be utilized by the military. It was designed to be worn in really cold climates of up to -40 degrees. If you’re waiting for a bus to work, make sure to take it off once inside as it can be a little suffocating because of how it is designed which is meant only to be used in the cold. You can wear this park with an all-black outfit underneath to complement its stout profile. To add more robustness, finish off with a pair of black combat boots.

The Smart One
This type of parka is designed to be worn in a more formal setting. Let’s say, you’re attending a one-of-a-kind outdoor winter wedding, then, by all means, sport a tailored parka to add sophistication in a bizarre setting. The profile of a tailored parka is great when worn over a suit or a crewneck sweatshirt. It helps elevate your outfit to a smarter one even with the freezing climate. It’s like wearing a shearling coat but rather a relaxed version at that. This is also perfect as an everyday office coat over a suit. Choose a black wool parka over a denim blue two-piece suit as your perfect office combo, or on the weekend over slim-fit chinos and a white cashmere sweater.

The One in Down
Down parka jackets are very popular in cold Southeast Asian countries because of their lightweight design and minimalist outlines. They are great for everyday Asian lives that are always on the go, having no time to be dragging bulky coats and jackets, down parkas are their best friend in the winter climate. Down parka jackets are also pretty common in high streets of big cities and towns all over the world where it gets chilly come wintertime. Compared to the first two kinds of parkas we’ve mentioned, the down parka jackets allow more mobility and speed for the wearer. Sport a down parka in a light denim shirt under a navy blue crewneck sweater and a pair of navy blue slim-fit chinos. Polish off this whole outfit with black leather desert boots for an effortless style.

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