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Best Outfit Selection for Summer Weddings

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Best Outfit

Best outfit- There is one important thing about summer is that dressing for the day takes very little effort and very few layers. If it’s a summer day wedding then wearing something really heavy and bright colour will make matters extremely uncomfortable for you. And at the same time if its winter day time then wearing something too light is not recommend too . If you are not wearing the right cloths for summer wedding and parties. Then you won’t be able to enjoy the company of people or the food nor will you look good.

Eastern Wear For wedding

Colouring palms, decorating your beautiful dress with auspicious, is an important ritual of Indian Pakistani wedding, Middle-Eastern weddings and parties.

Choice of modest Eastern wedding dress according to your wedding theme, personality, either is day time or night time is matter.

Sassy Tulle Maxi Outfit

This adorable dress is great to wear to your wedding and parties celebration. Elegantly styled black pleated Maxi pastel pink and floral printed top with black details at the sleeves. To make this outfit more formal, wear it with heels or if you’re more of a flat-shoe type girl, wear flat loafers. A peachy-toned makeup look and accent with hoop earrings and you’re all set to be the perfect party girl.

Cape dress in Eastern style

If you’re going to a wedding but can’t decide what to wear? We have the perfect ready made Pakistani clothes Birmingham collection for you. A cape dress in the Eastern style will make you appear elegant and fashionable. A simple knee-length shirt, with the same straight trousers and create an asymmetrical cape by combining it with your silky dupatta. You can wear over your dress instead of putting on your dupatta in the usual boring manner. You can add pearl details to your trousers and cape to add a touch of elegance. It is possible to pair this look with heels or flat sandals. Make sure to add gorgeous nail polish on your toes and fingers.

ready made suits

Wide-Legged Palazzos

These long-legged palazzos paired with sharara suit were fashion trends in the 90s. Now, the fashion industry is trying to revive the vintage-inspired styles. It’s all about vibrant floral patterned flowy palazzos paired with simple and beautiful shirt. You can dress it up with a bright scarf or a lighter silk stole that looks nice as an dupatta. A hairstyle that is vintage and bread style Kolapuris can give your look to a new height.

Elegant Ethnic Style Dress

No matter if the event is formal or casual. A dress that is ethnic looks perfect for any event. Particularly, if it’s a family member’s arrange the party, you’ve must look stunning. This is another option to wear an oriental style dress for a party. With a basic blue trouser and a blue shirt, with light pearl embellishments at the bottom of the trouser as well as the neck of the shirt. Put on silver shoes or silver earrings as well as a silver bag to complete the appearance. Make sure you have loose curls in your hair to enhance your appearance.

A chic loose kurta, with a the front pocket, and button

 A chic loose kurta, with a the front pocket, and button details Roll up your sleeves and match it with straight pants. Relax your hair and add a few simple accessories to complete your look. Most important is to put on some flat shoes so you can play with your children easily.

Black Shalwar Kameez Always looks Beautiful

The black colour is a popular choice for all people, and it appears elegant in all situations regardless of whether you are wearing it to the wedding or to a party. Shalwar kameez women attire is loved by Pakistani women. It is adored and loved. If you wear it in black, it’s regarded as a contemporary and fashionable outfit. A embroidered black shirt, paired with a simple black shalwar and lace-covered high heels creates an eye-catching look. An energizing lipstick in red or naked lip will both look great when paired with your black outfit.

Elegance Gold colour Outfit

This is the perfect dress for a wedding and parties with your loved ones or family. It’s a basic and elegant dress, with a basic long sleeved red chiffon with a trouser and dupatta, with a slight gold detailing around edge of shirt. Gold-coloured heels or black heels will add a spark to this outfit. Wear a minimalist jewelry piece in gold and an earring and you’re set to be the star of the night. Due to the chiffon fabric the dress is formal appearance to it.

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