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How to Enable Same-Day Delivery ?

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The pandemic has transformed the landscape of business and consumer behavior around the world beyond recognition. It has razed some industries to the ground and brought immense growth to others. But what it has done for the cannabis sector in the United States is simply remarkable. Cannabis stores and same day cannabis delivery Ottawa have set new records, with a 67 percent growth in consumption in 2020 alone, and legal sales in the United States totaling a stunning 17.6 billion dollars.

Who stands to gain from it? Of course, the economy! Legalization has resulted in a new influx of money and revenue for both urban and rural areas, helping in the refurbishment of apartments in the latter.

The reason for this is the legalization of cannabis across the country and the removal of limitations in the previous three years. As of March 2021, 14 states have completely regulated the substance, while 36 allow for medical sales. The only states that prohibit the possession of marijuana are Nebraska and Idaho. This implies that if you reside in California and are an American, your stash may be delivered to your door almost as quickly as the pizza you ordered.

All-Time High

Ease has been a key element of cannabis usage in the United States, where it has been marketed through government-regulated ‘dispensaries.’ When countries went into lockdown last year, these firms were considered as critical, resulting in an increase in both demand and consumption. Early trends showed customers stockpiling cannabis in a panic, but the numbers have only risen since then. According to a report published by the BDSA, a marketing research community that delivers solutions to the cannabis community, yearly marijuana dispensary sales is predicted to reach $41 billion by 2026.

Weed at Your Doorstep

Apart from sales, what has changed in the sector since then? There are a few things. The first is a shift from inhalable to edible due to an increased risk of respiratory difficulties. The most popular product category among both young and elderly people is edibles, followed by flowers and vapes. The second factor is an increase in demand for best same day weed delivery Ottawa, a segment of the cannabis supply chain that has hitherto received little attention. Home delivery, along with online ordering and curbside pickups, emerged as the most popular trends that chose to remain over the pandemic year.

Challenges in Cannabis Same-day Delivery

It is evident, then, that the customer is primarily concerned with convenience. According to BDSA reports, curbside collections and house deliveries have increased by 40%. The average client is paying more money, but they also want their purchase to be delivered within 90 minutes. The cannabis supply chain adapts quickly to new innovations, although it is not without challenges:

Operational inefficiencies: Since this is still a rapidly growing market, many businesses still conduct inventory and purchasing on an ad hoc manner. Often, tasks are performed manually, making the delivery process time-consuming, tedious, and susceptible to mistake.

You cannot ship it across states: Cannabis distribution remains illegal at the federal level, complicating its transit. Cannabis must be grown, sourced, and produced within the state, which is especially difficult for small businesses.

Increased on-ground mishaps: Due to high demand and the fact that these products are quite expensive, the safety of delivery agents becomes a matter of concern. Robberies and vehicle downtimes are common as a result of insufficient visibility in the supply chain.

Logistically Speaking

With the outbreak of the pandemic, plenty of businesses have had to improve their online same day cannabis delivery Ottawa. The cannabis industry is no different. As customer demands increase, cracking the same-day delivery code becomes much more difficult. Wrong addresses, manual route planning, and a lack of standardization in daily planning may make same-day delivery a nightmare. Here are some of the ways logistics technology will impact the cannabis supply chain:

  • Smart planning
  • Better supply chain visibility
  • Better decisions
  • Time slot-based deliveries
  • Smooth Same-Day Delivery Process

Covid-19 is not going anywhere, at least for the foreseeable future, and what is being touted as a customer trend right now is slowly, but certainly, turning into a permanent shift in consumer behavior. Smart logistics is no longer a choice; it is required for businesses to succeed.

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