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Everything You Should Know About Locs Extension

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Locs extension has recently gained a lot of popularity. It allows you to enjoy a beautiful and protective hairstyle without a commitment. When you get bored with the style and want to transit back to your natural hairs, you don’t need to chop off your locs.

Before you decide to go for a locs extension in Colorado, it’s important to have information about it to be well-prepared.

How to Prepare Your Hair forLocs Extension?

Before visiting an African hair braiding shop near me, ensure that your hair is healthy. When you go for a protective style, you say goodbye to your routine of cleaning your scalp, infusing protein and moisture in them to prevent damage for at least five weeks. When you go for loc extension, your hair is covered for at least eight weeks. It means that your hair is vulnerable to dryness, matting, and breakage.

Prevent any hair damage by preparing your hair before getting the locs extension. Detangle your hair, getting rid of matted areas and knots. Thoroughly cleanse your hair to remove the buildup and dirt on your scalp. Follow the washing with deep conditioning to restore the moisture balance and strengthen your hair. Lastly, treat your hair with essential and natural oil.

How are Locs Extension Installed?

Depending on the hair stylist’s speed and technique, density, and length of your hair and loc extension, the locs extension in Colorado might take 6 to 12 hours. The loc base is created with a twist or braid or their combination.
Your hairstylist may choose synthetic or natural hair for locs extension. You can pick any of both, depending on your budget and preferences. Natural hair is expensive as compared to synthetic hair. If you plan to start the locs with locs extension, we recommend using natural hair.
After the extension base is installed, it is banded with more hair to cover the new twist or braid, creating a cylindrical shape.

As per the African hair braiding shop near me, locs created with synthetic hair can be heavy, and thus, you should not opt for locs longer than your shoulder blades.

How Should You Maintain Your Hair Locs Extension?

Maintaining your locs extension in Colorado is very simple. It may last up to 12 weeks. It is recommended that you schedule an appointment between 6 and 8 weeks for the touch-up. Your hairstylist will take out 2 or 3 loc extension rows around your hairline during the appointment and reinstall them.

You can also take care of your locs extension by following the below-mentioned tips:
• Mist up your hair with light oil.
• Stay away from the pomades, heavy greases, and cream conditioner. These products get embedded in the loc and result in residue and buildup.
• If you want to shampoo your hair, you should visit an African hair braiding shop near me. If any locs come out during the shampooing, they can be immediately reinstalled.
• Please give it a good amount of time to dry when you wash your hair. As wet locs are more suspectable to mold and bacteria growth. If you visit a salon for hair wash, sit under the dryer for about 40 to 60 minutes. If you have washed them at home, allow them to dry under the sun and use a hooded dryer.
• Before you go to bed, wrap up your locs. It will prevent lint from sticking into your hair and thus creating buildup.

How are Extension Locs Removed?

If you want to remove the extension, we recommend you schedule an appointment with your hairstylist so that you don’t accidentally cut your hair. Depending on how long you wore the loc extension, a significant amount of dirt must have been settled on the loc installation point. It results in forming a matted section of hair that requires the right product and a lot of patience to detangle. The hairstylist will detangle each section of your hair and ensure your natural hair is not damaged in the process.

The Bottom Lines

Locs extension is a beautiful and protective hairstyle that will make you look and feel more confident. Now that you are aware of every aspect of locs extension, it’s time to find the best hair braiding and locs salon and book an schedule. Be ready to grab some compliments.

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