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Significant Benefits Of Using Dedicated Hosting Servers

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Dedicated servers enable businesses to set up an optimal IT environment while being in complete control of their applications and website. These are also known as single-tenant servers as they don’t share resources with others. If you are using a shared hosting service you can go for a dedicated server low cost. You would certainly notice a notable improvement in performance, scalability, reliability, and security.

Benefits of Dedicated Server

There are a host of benefits of using dedicated servers. Here is a list of them. 

  • Dedicated Resources

A dedicated server implies dedicated resources. You don’t need to share resources with other websites, apps, or users. You have exclusive rights over the server’s resources, i.e. disk space, processor, bandwidth, and RAM. This eliminates the risk of network congestion, downtime, slow IT operations, poor loading during peak traffic hours, crashes, security threats, etc. This also ensures the stability and consistent performance of apps that you host on the server.

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  • Fast Loading

Dedicated and optimum resources enable faster loading of web pages and apps, which is a key factor in user satisfaction as well as search engine optimization. Needless to say, a fast-loading website does help businesses reach higher up in search engine results. Only a dedicated server low cost operation can ensure such an edge for your business. 

The importance of loading speed multiplies in the case of eCommerce. Statistics show that about 40% of shoppers leave a website if it takes over three seconds to load. Moreover, about 46% of those who order products abandon the cart for slow loading. 

  • Custom features

With high speed dedicated server at your service, it is possible to add custom features to your app or website such as video streaming, animations, MP3s, etc.

  • Server Customization

With a dedicated server low-cost operation, you are in complete control over the hosting environment irrespective of whether you are hiring servers, using a collocating service, or having a dedicated in-house server. So, you can adjust hardware specifications as well as install software as per your requirement. You are free to install any OS, app, or tool you need. Also, you can deploy security solutions that reflect your specific threat perceptions and data backup measures that reflect your present and future needs.

  • Control users’ interaction with the server

You have the flexibility to enable a web admin to script languages that you prefer for controlling your interaction with users.

Conclusion Indeed, using the services of a dedicated server low cost also enables you to scale up operations at short notice and keep a tab on unscrupulous elements. Overall, dedicated servers can be truly beneficial for every business organization. 

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