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Depression Signs and Symptoms

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Depression is a major mental ailment characterised by a serious mental illness that causes you to feel, think, and act in a bad manner. It’s possible that when you’re alone and free, you’ll start thinking about all the awful things that have happened to you throughout the course of your life.

Depression harms your health since you are constantly miserable, which causes you to lose interest in life and living. This significant mental illness can be caused by regular mood swings, stressful life events, or high-dose drugs. As a result, both your physical and mental health are impaired, which can lead to emotional issues.

Depression Symptoms:

Changes in a person’s behaviour and habit can indicate that they are depressed.


They lose hope in life and are easily upset or depressed. They are also uninterested in trying new things. They lack the motivation and energy to make a positive change in their lives.


They no longer enjoy activities that they formerly did. They begin to lose interest in the activities they enjoy doing as a result of their bad feelings about themselves and their situation.

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Because they lack hope mentally, they either sleep a lot while doing nothing or stay up late having difficulties sleeping and thinking a lot, resulting in insomnia. As a result, they are weary all day.


They may experience anxiety as a result of depression or sleep difficulties. They may become anxious, fearful, sweaty, quiver, have difficulties concentrating, or have rapid heartbeats.


When a man is depressed, irritability, escapist behaviour, substance misuse, or misplaced rage are common signs.


Depressed people have inadvertent dietary changes; they either have an increased appetite and gain weight, or they don’t feel hungry and lose weight.


Depression is accompanied with an emotional roller coaster ride in which you feel angry while also crying. You’re simply jumbled up with your emotions, which results in mood swings.


Because depression is a feeling of despair, it can lead to thoughts of suicide. Nothing can relieve you from the persistent sensation of emptiness that makes the idea of suicide appealing.

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