July 18, 2024


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Introducing new age dental treatments at Confidental Dental Clinic

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Modern dentistry is steadily evolving itself. Newer strategies, brand new approaches, greater precision, ever expanding scope, more reliable and positive results are few assured things it offers. In addition to that it has largely become painless. Keeping I sync with these phenomenal changes, we at the Confidental Dental Clinic, Wimbledon are steadily pushing our boundaries to open up newer opportunities for our patients and this is what allows us enjoy an edge over our competitors.

In our experienced eyes dentistry is a major crossover between general and family oral healthcare. We have carefully integrated our services to ensure greater value of money of your patients. This has also helped our ever expanding patient base instil confidence in our ability and commitment. Their trust and support enabled us invest heavily in both training and equipment. As an overall result of all these factors the quality as well as the breadth of treatments at our practice has improved ceaselessly over the years.

As our core efficiency has increased we can see a greater number of patients while tailoring the experience to cater to their individual needs more precisely. We consider every case different and treat every patient uniquely.

Reinventing the family dentist

In contrast to that of the past, families now usually live over wide areas. Thus the idea of an entire family seeing the same dentist is becoming increasingly rare. This is where we are turning the tide in the opposite direction! With little amount of innovation in the treatment and allowing remote appointments we are being successful in bringing several generations of families into the same practice. So kind of community dentistry is back and the Confidental Dental Clinic has certain contributions behind that.

As we have analysed the trend, the younger generations of patients are more focused on educating themselves about their treatment. How to take proper care of the teeth and the gums is what they are sort of obsessed with. While treating younger patients we enjoy teaching them the basics of sound dental care and general oral hygiene. This allows them easily stay away from dental treatments in the coming days to a large extent. The raised consciousness even enables them consider the need of orthodontic intervention.   

To cut a long story short, we have evolved a pretty different approach in treating younger patients compared to the care we provide to the elderly ones. While treating elderly ones we place greater emphasis on aspects like cancer screening and diagnosing suspicious growths in the mouth. We also care for assessment and maintenance of any dental work that was carried out earlier. It is also important ensuring that every filling in the mouth is secure. Last but nevertheless the least necessary adjustments are meted to their oral prosthetics including dentures.

Thorough maintenance of oral health records

When family members visit different practices or change their dentist frequently, inconsistency builds up in their oral health records. It is quite common to miss out a treatment or a disorder in such circumstance. Moreover a genetic condition traced in a family member may not be followed by at another practice. Having dental records of multiple members of a family may prove utmost helpful predicting prognosis for a patient. It also helps taking the right steps at the right time to prevent a serious condition. As such it also helps mapping chances of developing cavities and oral cancer. For example, when it is known cavities are pretty common in a patient’s family history, dentists in Wimbledon usually suggest a fluoride sealant as a preventive measure.

At Confidental Dental Clinic we are accepting new patients. Inspite of the disruption caused by the ongoing pandemic, we are operating fully. If you are looking forward to quality dental treatment in and around London, please feel free to contact us. 

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