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Cannabis Sativa Vs Cannabis Indica Vs Hybrid Cannabis

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There are predominantly only two main species of cannabis, the cannabis sativa and the cannabis indica. These are used for a variety of medicinal and recreational functions. And since their utility is immeasurable, many growers have found ways to make even better, more productive, and more potent sub species by breeding various species of cannabis together. At face value, cannabis sativa is the product to make you high while indica is the product causing full body effects. These are some of the major effects that have been isolated from anecdotal reports because the majority of clinical studies on marijuana are still inconclusive.

In this article, we will examine the various characteristics of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains of cannabis. Read on.

What To Look For In Marijuana Strain

Like many things that are often difficult to distinguish at face value, there is a rule of thumb when it comes to cannabis products. Those products coming from sativa has more invigorating effects, will energize you, and are associated with intense euphoria. Indica products, on the other hand, makes you feel relaxed and calm, and are the ones you would go for if you want to just lay back and sleep.

However, some effects overlap among the species because the chemical composition of cannabis tend to differ from plant to plant depending on how the plant is grown. Therefore, when you buy coastal indica dominant hybrid strains, you should not only look at the type of strain but also consider the product descriptions written by the grower or the vendor. These descriptions may continue unique qualities of the plant product based on the growing techniques.

What Are The Characteristics Of Cannabis Sativa?

Sativa is primarily a plant of the hot climates. The hot and dry climates of the world include parts of Africa, southeast Asia, and central America. As a result, these plants are very resistant to harsh growing environments. Usually, the sativa plant will grow to very tall height, albeit with very thin leaves that can be described as finger-like. The average growing height is 12 feet and they take longer to grow and mature when compared to other cannabis products.

Since it is the invigorating and the energizing type, you would expect the THC level to be more than the CBD level, and rightly so. It is the product that will give you the most euphoria, and a heightened sense of strength. So, users of cannabis sativa tend to feel more productive. With these characteristics, it is best to use sativa during the day.

What Are The Characteristics Of Cannabis Indica?

When you talk about origins of cannabis plants, indica is almost synonymous with Afghanistan. However, it also traces its roots to Pakistan, Turkey, and India. It is also the plant of turbulent climates and the adaptations makes it more resistant to environmental changes. Unlike sativa, indica is short and its leaves are broad. It forms a nice bush with a lot of greenery. Growers like indica because it matures faster and produces more flower buds when compared to sativa.

Indica is the plant for relaxation and calming the body. As a result, you would expect the CBD level to be relatively higher. The THC levels are also quite high, but they are not as high as what you would find in sativa. For these reasons indica is suited for people with pain symptoms, sleep disorders, reduced appetite, and mood changes. It is best used at night.

What Are The Characteristics Of Hybrid Cannabis?

When you order for weed delivery Toronto, you are most likely getting a hybrid product. Hybrids typically grown in greenhouses where their reproduction can be monitored. They are a combination of both the sativa and cannabis strains or from the breeding of different hybrids. The overall characteristics of hybrids usually depend on the characteristics of individual parent plants. Depending on the overall goal, hybrids can be grown to yield either more THC or More CBD. Based on the dominant cannabinoid, these products can be prepared for specific functions in the body, even as medications.


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