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Alcohol therapy: what treatment?

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Alcohol therapy: what treatment?

Alcohol dependence, excessive consumption, withdrawal: the Medical Gastroenterology Department of the Clean and Clear Advantage Recovery has been offering multidisciplinary care for people suffering from alcohol-related problems for several years.

Health impact of alcohol consumption

A lot of research shows the high impact of alcohol consumption on our health. Drinking alcohol, even in small amounts, significantly increases several risks to our health:

  • cancers
  • cardiovascular illnesses
  • cerebrovascular disease
  • pancreatic and liver diseases
  • Mental Health
  • accidents
  • violence
  • etc.

However, these risks are often unrecognized or even trivialized and Belgium remains one of the countries that consume the most alcohol. 10% of the Belgian population has problematic alcohol use.

Importance of multidisciplinary and networked care

Considering the many risks posed by the consumption of alcohol, the Medical Gastroenterology Department has set up a support by a multidisciplinary team. Alcohol rehab near me offers screening for hepatic and / or pancreatic diseases using non-invasive tools, as well as solutions for working on addiction and / or problematic alcohol use. Several care routes allowing individualized follow-up and collaboration between different health professionals are offered by the service:

Outpatient consultations

You can make an appointment with specialists in alcohol-related problems:

Gastroenterologists-hepatologists: Pr Christophe Moreno, Pr Thierry Gustot, Dr Delphine Degré

Psychiatrist: Dr Van Wettere Jean –Paul

Psychologist: Ms. Estelle Heynen

Other specialist physicians if necessary

Short hospitalization for alcohol withdrawal with a somatic assessment, psychiatric and psychological follow-up as well as a social (Wendy Ballarini) and dietetic (Amandine Szalai) evaluation

Longer-term hospitalization in collaboration with the “Le Domaine” Hospital Center in Braine l’Alleud

With this diversified care, the service wishes to bring the patient to stay in a care trajectory in order to improve the overall care and holistic treatment of the problem.

Who is this service for?

The service from one of the best rehab centers near me is intended for anyone wondering about their alcohol consumption and/or identifying the consequences of this consumption.

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