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A Complete Guide to Finding and Buying a Perfect Sleep Mask

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Purchasing a sleep mask may appear to be a straightforward task, but there may be some obstacles. When you buy it, you may find more options than you anticipated, so how do you know which one is perfect for you?

This shopping guide should assist you in making an informed decision. It’s vital to remember not to buy anything on impulse, as sleeping masks are customized to the individual. Buying Kenko Power Sleep Mask in USA and Canada that isn’t fit for your needs, can potentially have the opposite impact.

What Does Science Have to Say About Sleep Masks?

According to the Journal of Psychosomatic Research, sleep quality is linked to tiredness, not quantity. In other words, even if you do fall asleep eventually, the quality of your sleep influences how refreshed you feel.

You must change your sleeping environment to receive the sleep quality you deserve.

For example, by blocking 100% of the light from your eyes, your brain begins to create melatonin. This is the hormone in the brain that allows the REM deep sleep process to begin.

If you didn’t know, REM sleep is the stage of the sleep cycle that makes us feel rested the next day. Low melatonin levels are linked to a lack of REM sleep. Surprisingly, exposure to light—even dim light—decreases melatonin levels.

So, what exactly does this imply?

This indicates that both the light from your window and your electronics affect your body and prevent you from sleeping properly. And a Kenko Power Sleep Mask in USA and Canada is a wonderful technique to keep this light out.

What factors should you consider before selecting a mask?

At Home or On the Road:

Focus on sleep masks for travel, but choose ones that can also be used in a bed.


A good sleep mask shuts out most light, but a superb sleep mask allows you to forget you’re wearing it.

Soft and Breathable:

Because the mask touches your face directly, the softer it is, the better. Masks made of soft, breathable materials are best.


Your silk sleep mask should keep you comfortable while you sleep, but what if it falls off your nose or behind your ears? On your top face, especially around your nose, you want something that looks excellent.

Look for masks with cloth flaps stitched around this area to better fit different facial proportions. Another thing to look out for is the flat sections, which might cause sleep disruption if your eyelashes graze the mask during REM sleep. To keep the material out of your eyes, choose a mask-like Kenko Power Sleep Mask in Canada and USA that comes with recesses.


Consider whether you want a flat or contoured mask, in addition to the size and pattern of the eye coverings, which should be large enough to cover your eyes while leaving enough area for your nose.

Flat masks made of soft fabrics like silk can be relaxing, but some people find that they put too much pressure on their brows. In such a scenario, a contoured mask like the Kenko Power Sleep Mask in Canada and USA, filled with memory foam cushions and raises the mask from your eye sockets, allowing you to blink, would be a good option.


In a face mask, silk and sateen are desirable materials to seek for. Silk, according to dermatologists, is less irritating for sensitive skin. Padding, especially around the nose bridge, ensures a pleasant and secure fit, according to experts. Masks with a cupped shape around the eyes are ideal since they don’t press against the eyeballs.

The Cost:

You might be curious about the cost of a sleeping mask. The cost of a mask varies substantially based on the style of the mask and the material used to make it. In many circumstances, the old saying “you get what you pay for” still holds.

Many higher-quality sleep masks are more expensive than the others, but just a few are excessively so. The majority of sleep masks cost between ten and thirty bucks on average. The price may fluctuate more or less than that, but it will give you an idea of what to expect.

Don’t be fooled into believing that any mask will suffice. Investing the time to investigate your sleeping mask before making a purchase can make the difference between obtaining a good night’s sleep and acquiring one that can dramatically improve your sleep.

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