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5 Challenges Women with Heavy Busts Face!

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In the first place, the figure on the weighing machine or the number on the measuring tape does not define beauty. Beauty is more than the right size, and there is no size such as right size. Similarly, when we talk about boobs, bigger assets are considered more desirable than the smaller ones. However, your natural boob size is your asset, and no matter how big or small they are, they are a prominent feature of your body and beautiful. In fact, women with bigger assets face many struggles while picking the right plus-size bra for sexy lingerie that prudently supports their boobs.

In this blog, let’s analyze and understand the challenges faced by women with heavy busts, which women with small or medium breasts are unaware of.

Extra Cup Area

While normal bras with normal cup sizes accurately fit women with medium or small boobs, women with larger assets need extra space above the cup to accumulate the mass properly without any sagging or sideshow of the breast. However, finding such bra and panty sets is a tedious task, as most brands come with bras with the exact cup size.

Visible bra lines

As I mentioned, most of the brands offer the exact cup size, and do not consider the special requirements for bigger boobs to accumulate them properly in the said cup size. Thus, visible bra lines, or spilling boobs from the side, or above is a common problem faced by women with bigger boobs. Even in a plus-size bra, this issue occurs commonly, and finding the right bra in such a scenario is like finding the right soulmate.

Shoulder Aches

The shoulders support the bra straps and carry the weight of the boobs. In case of women with heavier assets, wearing a bra for a long interval can frequently result in shoulder aches and back aches.

Spilling Boobs

As most of the regular or the plus-size bras do not offer any extra space above the cup to accumulate the boob properly, spilling boobs from the sides of the bra or from above the bra’s neckline is a common hassle that women with bigger breasts face regularly.

Hypocrisy of lingerie brands

Visit any online or offline lingerie store, and they are filled with blogs and sayings about body positivity and how their brand treats every size equally and focuses on every woman’s needs. However, this is a sham, and almost every brand whether local, international, mediocre, high-end, vintage or newbie is aware about the different needs of the women with bigger boobs, but none of these brands do anything in this regard. Rather than curating bras that fit women with bigger boobs perfectly without any pain or spilling, they try convincing the women to choose a size here and there which is readily available in the stores. Thus, brands who call themselves supporters of body positivity do not even provide the right cup plus-size bra and lingerie that can properly fit women with heavier boobs without any compromise.

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