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WordPress SEO Without Plugins and Headaches: Here’s How

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If you manage a WordPress website, chances are you have dipped your toes into organic marketing and SEO. You know how important it is to rank well in Google, but configuring an endless list of different settings and plugins is not your idea of a good time.

WordPress SEO services take away the need for plugins and help you streamline your marketing efforts so that you actually get the results you want.

Not sure about hiring an SEO agency for your website? Before diving in, you do want to be careful that you are working with a company that is professional and understands how to really get a website to rank. It’s not as easy as you might think.

Here’s a bit of insight to get you started so you can finally forget about WordPress plugins and all the headaches associated with trying to rank your WordPress website.

Why WordPress SEO Services Help With Plugin Fatigue
Do you feel like you’re sinking way too much time into your WordPress site, for very little reward in return?

Plugin fatigue is all too real, and happens to the best of us. You’re trying to do what’s best for your website and suddenly you are lost in a sea of plugins, each of which claims to do any number of different things for your website.

There’s nothing inherently wrong about SEO plugins. In fact, many of them do provide a marginal benefit.

But let’s all be honest, if these free plugins actually made a big difference, they wouldn’t be free, first and foremost. SEO services tend to be one of the more expensive areas of digital marketing for a reason. There is a whole lot that goes into search engine optimization, from the keyword research and strategy, to the technical implementations, blog writing, and backlinking.

At best, plugins can guide your writing and make sure you are using your keywords. Some help keep your meta titles concise. Others compress images which can ultimately help with site speed.

However, all of this is small potatoes when you compare it to what actually needs to be done on your WordPress website.

The benefit of using WordPress SEO services is that it takes away the need to install and configure a bunch of random plugins. In fact, skilled SEO agencies don’t need plugins at all.

Why is this? Because the bulk of the SEO process has nothing to do with the small adjustments and tweaks offered by most plugins. Real optimizations for the search engines starts with in-depth keyword research and the formation of a strategy based around business goals. From there, you actually have to implement content changes on your target pages and begin a backlinking strategy using high-quality, SEO optimized content.

Is a plugin going to do all that?

Of course not.

If you are interested in escaping the plugin doldrums and starting a real SEO campaign for your website, it’s time to get in touch with the team at Genius eCommerce. They are known for creating fully custom SEO campaigns that get results in any industry. What’s great is, you don’t have to lean on plugins or gimmicks to get results.

The skilled SEO experts at Genius eCommerce will work closely with you to uncover valuable keywords, and will begin writing professional blogs for your website, along with implementing necessary changes to your most important web pages. They also take care of technical issues and backlinks as well. No plugin can come close to this.

Ranking your website can feel like an obscure process, but that’s only if you are trying to handle it all yourself. To start getting results, contact a knowledgeable WordPress SEO agency like Genius eCommerce today.

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