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Why Everyone Thinks the Elementum is the Best CIVIVI Pocket Knife

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Every so often a knife drops and the community (of critics and users alike) seems to put aside their differences and come to terms at the same table

That happened with CIVIVI’s Elementum. There’s no one out there that seems to have a legitimate gripe. It’s not only one of the most popular CIVIVI knives of all time (pretty much undisputed) but it’s one of the most popular pocket knives on the market today.

So what does everyone love about this CIVIVI pocket knife? It’s much more than a pocket knife with a lanyard hole and pocket clip. Let’s break it down.

● Handsome, understated appeal
The CIVIVI does not have a flashy swept blade. It doesn’t have bright nickel bolsters. It has a plain drop point blade and simply rounded scales. But it works. It’s a handsome knife, even if it doesn’t command attention.

● Straightforward, comfortable ergonomics
The same basic design that makes this CIVIVI pocket knife somewhat underrated in terms of visual “slap” also makes it very comfortable. It’s sized just right, there are no hot spots around the handle, and it’s comfortable to carry and hold in a variety of grips.

● Tons of scale material customizations are available
This knife is available in more scale variants than we’ve ever seen. Whatever your speed, there’s a CIVIVI for you. There are CIVIVI scales made of basically everything, from natural woods like ebony to titanium, carbon fiber, and G10 and Micarta in a rainbow of different colors. Love blue G10? They have it. Marbled carbon fiber? Check. If you can think of it, CIVIVI offers an Elementum with scales that match.

● Multiple deployment methods
Do you prefer the comfort and ergonomics of a thumb stud? Perhaps you prefer the ease, speed, and fluid action of a flipper mechanism? CIVIVI makes Elementum models that have both.

● Multiple lock mechanisms
Liner locks are great, but they do have their drawbacks. CIVIVI makes the Elementum with both liner locks and button locks, so you can pick and choose what type of lock mechanism you want to pair with your EDC knife.

● Variety of finishes and aesthetics
Do you prefer a flashy, polished steel blade? Is stonewash more to your speed? Maybe a black coating keeps things demur. On top of all of the different scale materials, they offer CIVIVI makes the Elementum in a wide range of different finishes to the point that no two Elementum knives look the same.

● High-quality knife steels
Finally, it’s about the devil in the details. CIVIVI might put on the front of a nice gentleman’s knife for everyday carry, but under the facade, these are real, hardworking tools.

The Elementum is available in a wide range of steels, including D2, stainless alloys, and even Damascus steel. CIVIVI also makes this knife in super steel; there is an Elementum that features an S35VN blade.

Given the amount of variety, there’s an Elementum for every taste and every use, including models that offer a great balance between corrosion resistance, edge retention, and toughness.

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