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Why Are Performance Tyres Better Than Regular Tyres?

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Performance Tyres

Performance Tyres

Tyres are one of the most important components of any vehicle. We can’t deny the fact that the performance of the vehicle depends a lot on the tyres of the vehicle. It’s these tyres that make that bumpy, uncomfortable ride relaxing and easy for you. The tyre market is flooded with myriads of varieties of tyres. All these tyres are meant to cater to different types of roads and they are meant to give you a different kind of handling experience. Not just this, tyres are also responsible for the excellent traction that you get on the roads.

As we talk of tyres, it’s important to know that there are standard winter tyres Milton Keynes and then the other category belongs to the performance tyres. While the latter is not for all, people still debate that performance tyres are better than standard tyres. As the name suggests, performance tyres are meant to give an elevated level of performance on the roads. Before we proceed further on the blog, let’s get to know what performance tyres are.

Performance tyres – What are they?

Initially, Performance tyres were specifically made for the people who owned sports cars. However, you can now find them on regular passenger cars as well. They cater to vehicles that need better handling and traction. They give you a heightened level of experience whether you drive on wet or dry roads. The best part about these tyres is that they give you the required speed on the roads. The tread pattern of these tyres is quite unique.

Why are performance tyres better than your regular tyres?  

·      Responsiveness of the tyres

No point in guessing that performance tyres are very responsive on the roads. The kind of conditions one gets to see on the roads today, you need driving that’s quite specific to these roads. These tyres help you react instantly on the roads. Their improved steering system lets you manoeuvre your vehicle through some of the difficult terrains with ease. 

·      Less overheating

One of the major reasons for the blowouts is the overheating of the tyres. When you drive at high speed, it has been noticed that tyres give in to the pressure of building heat in them. This specifically happens when the days are hot and sunny. But, the kind of materials used in the tyres is pretty advanced and that provides extra safety to its drivers. Performance tyres show good resistance to heat. 

·      Better stiffness in comparison to regular tyres

Wheel protection is one main aspect of tyre maintenance. If your wheels are well looked after, that means your tyres are in perfect position and they are working quite well for you. In fact, some performance tyres also come with special features known as rim flanges. They actually act as protectors of the wheels. When you get tyres Milton Keynes like these, driving becomes a lot safer. 

·      Advanced grip

When it comes to grip and traction for the tyres, performance tyres surely win the bet. They have this special feature of tread caps, that keep the vehicle firm on the ground. This is one of the major reasons why performance tyres score over regular car tyres. This gives you all the explanation why performance tyres are stable on the roads. Handling on the corners is never an issue with these tyres. 

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