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When should you think about renewing your water softener?

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A water softener has a long lifespan because it is possible to change defective parts at low cost: float, tank, resin … However, in some cases, it is necessary to completely replace your device:

  • If the head of your softener no longer works.
    It is the central organ of the apparatus and the most expensive part. It is sometimes more interesting to replace the softener.
  • If you need to replace an expensive part that requires a technician to travel. It is then sometimes more economical to change the device.
  • If your household’s water consumption has changed.
    For example, a household where 5 people live may be reduced with the departure of the children. The softener then has too much capacity for its use. If the time between 2 regeneration cycles is too long, it can cause failures.

In addition, renewing your water softener is simple and akin to a “Plug and Play” replacement (Connect and Use). As the power and distribution installation has already been completed, you will save money.

Maintaining your softener is simple and inexpensive . It is strongly recommended to carry out a complete maintenance every year . We advise you to have it carried out by a water treatment specialist, but you can do some checks yourself.

Regular maintenance is necessary for the proper functioning of your softener and it considerably increases its longevity . It also makes it possible to guard against any health risk and therefore to avoid inconvenience.

What is an under sink filter?

An under-sink filter sanitizes the water and eliminates the taste of chlorine as well as bad odors. In addition, its installation is quick and easy. This is an economical solution since you no longer buy bottle packs and the filter cartridge can only be changed once a year.

What is an osmosis unit?

The art reverse osmosis also help purify water . They also remove a large part of the contaminating substances in drinking water such as nitrates, pesticides, herbicides, lead, mercury, zinc, iron, etc.

By consuming tap water through our water purification systems, you greatly reduce your plastic waste and thus contribute, through your action, to the protection of our planet.

Why filter your water?

Even if the quantity of harmful substances contained in your water is lower than the tolerated threshold, you are still in contact with these residues every day: lead, chlorine, nitrate, microbes, pesticides, etc. allows you to get rid of almost all of these impurities to avoid any risk to your health and that of your family. You can thus consume pure water, whether as a drink or for cooking.

To conclude

The lifespan of a water softener is approximately ten years. To ensure the proper functioning of your equipment, it is important to maintain it regularly. You will then have to change parts or renew the resin. If the maintenance costs are too high, the renewal of a softener is sometimes more economical. Aqua-direct offers you affordable solutions in particular. In addition, when replacing equipment, take advantage of our installation package at a reduced price!

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