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What You Should Know About Kundalini Yoga?

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The ancient yoga practice focuses on breath and physical postures, including meditation, singing, and chanting. If Kundalini yoga has piqued your interest and you do not know how to start, there is a breakdown of popular practice basics online for you. You need to sign up for Kundalini yoga online class for your free trial for a start.

Kundalini yoga is a combination of movement, breath, and sound. Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word, Kundal, which means coiled energy. You have to be conscious of the energy deposited at the base of your spine, and with the practice of Kundalini, you can bring the energy up to your spine via the seven chakras.

You get to unfold your true nature through this process of growth. Remember that you will have to shed old skins for a new beginning, just like a snake.

The main goal of Kundalini yoga is to increase your self-awareness by closing your mind to external factors and releasing your chakras to help your vital energy flow freely.

Practice and repeat breath exercises combined with asanas, and meditation for a lengthy period, moving a lot of energy around your body. The Kundalini yoga online streaming program with the Yoga bliss class is a good platform for achieving spiritual freedom for your body and mind.

Kundalini yoga practice has become famous only recently because it was kept a secret for a long time and only to royalty and nobility for several decades until it was introduced in the West and taught publicly.

How to perform Kundalini meditation

Kundalini yoga is a comprehensive process that needs the guidance of a teacher or a follow along with a guided meditation.

You can get started with these if you wish to:

1.  Comfortable clothing

Wear light, loose clothing to hell you feel very comfortable while meditating. Most practitioners often use shawls or other clothing to cover their heads because this is believed to guard energy flow.

2.   Tune in

 Tune your mind into meditation. You can sit upright on the floor or the chair, ensuring your spine is in a straight position. Keep your hands in a prayer pose by pressing both palms together in front of your chest. Next is to close your eyes halfway, letting in just a bit of light.

3.   Focus on your chakra

 Most practitioners discover that focusing on the third eye helps keep tuned in. With your eyes closed, turn your focus to the center of your forehead, just between your eyebrows.

4.   Use a mantra

Mantras help direct your focus and are an important component of Kundalini meditation. It often involves mantras in Gurmukhi, a sacred Indian language. Picking the right mantra depends on the one that feels right with you on your first try. You can pick the one that works best for you.

5.   Focus on your breath

 Inhale and exhale deeply through your nose only, and focus on your breathing sensation. Slow down your breath gradually. Each inhales and exhales should last at least 3 to 4 seconds, which means each breath should last for about 8 seconds. Focus on how your breath flows through and sends energy right into your body.

6.   Mudras

Kundalini yoga techniques involve the use of mudras. For instance, to promote openness, calm, and wisdom, try the Gyan mudra by touching your first finger to your thumb. Do the Shuni mudra by touching your middle finger to your thumb to enhance dedication and patience. The use of hand positions is helpful during Kundalini yoga.

7.    Divide your breathing

You can divide your breathing into equal segments. Divide each inhale into four parts instead of taking one long inhale for 4 seconds, followed by a long exhale. Therefore, breath in four times, without exhaling in between. Then breathe out in the same order. With each inhales and exhales, draw your belly button toward your spine.


When your attention wanders off, could you bring it back to your breath? Even long-term mediators get an interruption sometimes. If you notice a loss of focus, drive your thoughts back to your breath. If wandering thoughts come up, acknowledge them and allow them to drift away. Learn to control your focus during Kundalini yoga gradually.

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