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Track android cell phone with best spy app TheOneSpy

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Cell phone devices are necessary for everyone these days. You can use a cell phone and the internet to connect with friends, family, and loved ones. Business professionals also have become dependent on cell phone technology. Out of cell phone technologies and operating systems, Android is the most popular among everyone.

Almost 90% of cell phone devices are running with the Android OS. Plenty of that is desperate to have cellphones and looking forward to tracking android phones. You can use the best spy app known as TheOneSpy to monitor what is happening on your target android phones.

What is best spy app –TheOneSpy?

It is an application that is for android phones, and tablet devices. You can install a spy app for android on your target cell phone device without root. It is easy to install and takes less than 3 minutes to complete its installation process, and you can activate it without hassles.

The application has a user-friendly interface, and you can use it without being a tech-savvy user. It is designed in a way that you can use it after a couple of attempts without asking queries. The application has many sets of features, and collectively it has more than 250+ features.

How TheOneSpy spy app works on Android?

Do you want to remotely spy on android phones? Well! You need to visit the best android spy software, and you can do that by visiting the webpage of TheOneSpy. Further, you need to go through the solutions and subscribe to the spy app for android.

You will get credentials via email like password and ID. Physical access on the target phone is necessary to perform the installation process and hide the app icon on the target phone. Complete the installation process, and activate spy software on the target phone. Meanwhile, you have to use the credentials and access the web control panel. You can activate the features and start spying on cellphones to the fullest.

Top 8 Features of best spy app

Here are the following powerful and most advanced tools that empower users to monitor and track cellphones using the TheOneSpy phone spy app.

Live Screen Recording

Users can perform live screen recordings by making short videos of the phone screen. Further, send the recorded videos data to the online dashboard.


You can schedule plenty of screenshots by using the TOS web control panel. It will start capturing screenshots and send them to the web control where you can watch captured screenshots.

Keystrokes logging

Keylogger is one of the best tools that empower you to capture live keystrokes applied on the cell phone keypad. It captures passwords, messages, chat, email ID, and social messaging keystrokes.

Social media spy 

Social media spying is the best tool for parents to monitor and track instant messaging apps.  It monitors messages logs, chats logs, voice and video call logs. Users can track voice messages logs send on the target phone.

View installed apps 

Users can view installed applications, and get to know what sort of apps your child has installed on the cellphone device. You can get a list of apps alongside the names of the applications.

Read messages

Users can send and receive text messages sent and received using text messages spy software with a schedule.

Call recording

You can record live phone calls using the call recording app. Users can get the logs of incoming and outgoing calls and record them as well in real-time. You can listen to the recorded calls data using an online dashboard.

VoIP call recording

Social media apps are everywhere on the web, and you can record one-sided voice and video calls using VoIP call recording software. You can record and listen to Facebook voice calls, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and many more.

Who want to use best spy app?

Here are the following people that desperately want to use TheOneSpy to monitor and track cellphones using spy app.


Parents want to monitor and track cellphones because they want to set parental control on kid’s phones to safeguard them from online predators. Moreover, parents can protect teens from inappropriate activities on the web using cell phone spy software.


Business professionals can use the TheOneSpy monitoring app for cellphone to keep an eye on employees’ activities on business phones. They can protect business data, and prevent time-wasting activities of employees.


TheOneSpy is the best spy app to monitor and track cellphones for digital parenting and employee monitoring purposes.

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