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Top Magento Challenges a Magento SEO Company Can Help You Overcome

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Platforms like Magento look very appealing, with their large community of users and open-source software that nearly anyone can manipulate as needed.

But that benefit also carries some drawbacks. Namely, they come in the form of simply managing it all.

Online businesses that are built on Magento are responsible for hosting, and thereby for website speed, security, site structure, and so many other factors that influence both SEO and the user experience.

It’s a lot of work, but someone’s got to do it (or no one will find or want to use your Magento website) and a Magento SEO company is the team to tackle it.

Here are the top Magento challenges and how a dedicated Magento SEO company can help you overcome them.

1.Poor site speed
Since Magento administrators are responsible for hosting, they’re also responsible for site speed. Unfortunately, server capacity can only go so far, but there are other ways you can boost site speed, such as by developing a faster-loading theme or by minifying code. These are things a Magento SEO company can help with.

2.Poor site security
Site security is another item that site admins will be tasked to provide with Magento since they’re responsible for hosting.

Poor site security has multiple undesirable effects. One, it causes users to lose trust in the website, two, it results in lower organic rankings from Google, and three, it can result in data breaches or cause a site to crash.

Fixing Magento website security issues isn’t just about organic marketing. It’s also essential to website health.

3.Nonsensical site structure (bad for SEO!)
Creating a Magento site map with all of the URLs you want Google to index and rank can be a big task, but it’s also essential for SEO. A Magento SEO company can help you with the process and also recommend adjustments to your site structure in general that will benefit both the user experience and search engines’ ability to crawl and rank your website in the search engine results pages.

4.Implementing Magento updates
Keeping on top of Magento’s updates is vital to ensuring that your website continues to function as intended. Without staying on top of them, it can become untenable or simply impossible to support your online store at all. Keeping your Magento store updated will help improve the customer experience, eliminate technical issues, and generate higher organic traffic through improved search engine rankings.

5.Double indexing
Duplicate content can result in your website being slapped with a penalty, especially if Google sees two versions of your website (HTTP and HTTPS pages). A provider of Magento SEO services can use canonical tags and redirects to assign one page as the main one and prevent duplicate content flags during crawling and indexing.

6.Poorly developed landing pages
Since the Magento eCommerce platform basically leaves it up to the user to customize templates and create the apps desired, there’s a lot that’s open-ended. It’s flexible, enabling endless customizations, but that also means that users are responsible for preventing issues with landing page development that can result in technical SEO issues.

The bonus is that responsible landing page development can give a boost not only to SEO but also to the user experience. Magento SEO experts often work hand in hand with developers that can solve technical SEO issues as they arise.

A Magento SEO Company Worth Its Proverbial Salt
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