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Top 10 Employee Monitoring Feature of OgyMogy Phone Tracker

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Employee monitoring is not something new as many organizations and businesses are already in use of this technology. Lately, after the onset of the pandemic, people were obliged to work from home remotely and many organizations benefited from this technology in managing the employees working from their homes. The thing is supervision and monitoring make the employee more productive. Monitoring software depicts a real picture of how the employees are using the company’s resources, time, and gadgets. That’s right. An employer can monitor an employee only through company-owned devices.

  • American Management  Association study shows that around 80% of organizations monitor the web use, calls, and email service of the employees.

But not just every spy app is worth using. Many phone trackers and monitoring software for computers and laptops are fraudulent and can just waste your time and money. OgyMogy is one of the extraordinary phone tracker apps that offer tons of employee monitoring features that can make your work life more efficient and easy. Use the app and save your time and resources by enhancing the productivity and efficiency of the employees. It is not a good deal just for the employers and organizations as a phone tracker app like the OgyMogy can assure a healthy working environment for the employees as well.

  1. Call Recording :

Have ears to secret calls between employees and clients and make sure no employees dare to exploit any client or company deal. You can simply listen to any call from the target employee’s cellphone and keep a recording as well. This feature is very important for those businesses and organizations that mostly deal with clients through phones or have an information cell.

  • Call Log Check:

Check the incoming ad outgoing call record of the employee with the call log check feature offered by the phone tracker. You can track any employee wasting working hours in personal long calls. In case of any suspicious activity, use the feature to double-check the record against the suspected employee.

  • Text Message Log Access:

In the time of text message and group chats, everyone must be familiar with secret text groups chatting of the employees.  It is all good if it is just a fun discussion and is non-destructive but on the contrary, if any group is plotting anything against the boss or organization then the OgyMogy text message log feature will let you know about it.

  • Instant Message Chat Apps Monitoring:

Noy just a simple text message, the OgyMogy spy app also covers many instant messenger chat apps as well for employers. You can check the private chat box, group discussion, and even incoming and outgoing call records. Monitor the media shared through the IM chat apps and make sure that no confidential data is shredded through the chat apps with irrelevant people. 

  • Real-Time Screen Monitoring:

Real-time screen monitoring feature on one end keeps the employees attentive about their screen and work details but on the other hand, it reports about the individual performance of the employees as well. Users can make surprise visits to the screen whenever they want. Check the employee’s work reports with time stamp information in the form of screen shots and short video recordings. 

  • Keystroke logging :

Keystroke logging or keylogging involves the recording of every keystroke applied on the target device. You can find out about any secret account id and its password, any illegal sharing of confidential information in the form of messages or email, and much more. The keystroke logging feature is one of the most useful features for employee monitoring.

  • Email Monitoring:

An employer can check the received, sent, and draft email folder along with attachment history details remotely with the phone tracker app.

  • Mic bug :

Listen to official and unofficial work-related matters, chats and discussion and meeting happened behind close doors with the mic bug feature. 

  • Camera Bug:

The camera bug feature captures the surrounding with the rear and front camera of the target device for the employer.  

  1. Remote Access To Social Media:

Most of the social media apps are covered by the best phone tracker app.

Ogymogy can also be used as a parental control app. In short, the working parents who want a helping hand both at the workplace and household can get benefits by using the OgyMogy phone tracker. Visit for further details and features.

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