June 15, 2024


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The Art Of Producing Feminized Seeds

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Of all the plant species that have incredible utility to human kind, cannabis is certainly one of the most diverse in terms of species. There are many categories of cannabis products. And since it is not practically possible to exhaust all the categories, users have learnt to determine a few of the products that work for them and maximize on these options. This same principle applies to the best feminized seeds strains for cannabis. The fact is that many of the seed strains are the favorites of many growers. Each grower has unique preferences. And so, we may not fully exhaust the list of the best feminized seeds online.

What do you consider when choosing the best seeds?

If you are into growing seeds or if you are looking to start growing, there are factor that you need to conder if you are to achieve your goal of yielding clones that are genetically sturdy but also associated with higher yields. This mix of characteristics can only be obtained from clones. Seed options such as the greenlight seeds online are some of the go-to preferences for growers who are looking to start growing but with limited experience. The majority of these clones do not require specialized techniques for cultivation. What you will need to do is to ensure that the growing conditions are optimized appropriately for every plant.

The making the best feminized seeds

The idea behind the feminization of seeds is a strange one. Feminized seeds like the greenlight seeds online are made by crossing a female plant with anther female. The breeders who produce these seeds use certain techniques that make the female cannabis plants to produce pollen. The pollen is then used to fertilize another female plant. The resulting plant produces flowers that yields a generation of feminized seeds.

The ability of a female plant to produce pollen sounds like a biological impossibility but it can work. Apparently, the proliferation of pollen sacs in cannabis is regulated by ethylene. If ethylene levels are reduced, the plant ends up producing pollen sacs. Growers have also learnt how to use various chemicals and reagents to speed up the process of forming pollen sacs.

Other than the biologic modification of a female plant, the second method of producing the best feminized seeds is by removing all the male plants and leaving the female plants by themselves. When this is done, nature takes its course and the female plants start producing structures that will enable them to fertilize themselves. The structures are what breeders call female pollen. The pollen can then be used to fertilize other female plants and with great success.


Not every grower prefers having to grow only feminized seeds. But if you are the type of grower that is thrilled with higher yields and plants with good characteristics then you can take this route and deal with some of the best feminized seeds at your disposal. A perfect example of seeds to consider are the greenlight seeds online.

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