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The 7 signs of a bad entrepreneur

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The 7 signs of a bad entrepreneur

1. A bad entrepreneur is always late

Any entrepreneur who cares about his business and the interests of these current or potential clients. He will always make a point of being on time. This is essential to complete your project within the timeframe provided for in the contract you have entered with the contractor.

When a general contractor is constantly behind on your job. It is because he undoubtedly has other tasks to accomplish! This increases the risk that your project will be delayed. It may very well not be able to complete the work on time.

This situation can become a nightmare for you and your family. For example, if a large living space is being renovated. Like the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.

This can easily be interpreted as a sign of poor time management. Sometimes, the deadline cannot be avoided. Even by reputable home improvement contractors.

But this kind of problem is often due to unforeseen situations related to the site. And not the fact that he does 20 jobs at the same time, to make as much money as possible, without worrying about deadlines.

A bad entrepreneur often has the attitude “I’ll arrive when I arrive” and it’s not my fault! And when you complain about it, they just ignore the problem. These kinds of bad entrepreneurs can give you a shoddy job. Because he has shown that he doesn’t care about the time factor. Or the renovation project for which you hired them.

When you are looking for remodeling contractors near me for your project. Try to hire a responsible company that will be dedicated to your project from start to finish. You will get a much better result! The project will be completed on time, and it will be a much better experience for you.

2. A bad entrepreneur has no respect for these customers and employees.

A bad entrepreneur does not have the right attitude and the right dispositions for his business. Usually, he constantly blames his employees for things they haven’t done. They demean them and their disrespect in your presence. This kind of behavior creates an atmosphere of tension within their teams. Most people need their jobs, especially these days!

Unfortunately, the poor employees tolerate it and try to do their job as best they can. I remember a very bad entrepreneur in Montreal who used to curse his men in front of these clients. He called them all kinds of names! When your team is afraid of you because you are unpredictable. And that she does not know if she will be fired or laid off at the slightest whim. The errors will multiply!

This team of workers becomes unable to do their jobs properly and efficiently

Work quickly becomes a nightmare! Since they never know if it is today that they will be made redundant. An entrepreneur who has a bad temper is also known to fight and confront their clients. I have seen this happen many times!

The bad contractor had asked his team to tear down all the kitchen cabinets he had just installed. Because the owner was unable to make payment immediately.

The bad entrepreneur in question even got into a fight with an owner’s brother in the garden. Another bad home improvement contractor dragged debris from a dumpster. And spread them all over the poor client’s property. I have many more horror stories to share with you. But I should write a book! These bad contractors near me seem to spend more time in court than on construction sites.

3. A bad contractor does not watch his site

A good renovation contractor must be responsible for his site. He maintains order and discipline among his men. Delegates the right tasks to the right people. And ensures that the various stages of the work are carried out on time.

In addition, he considers his team like his family! He knows how to reward his team for a job well done. If he is a weak or unfair boss, his team will feel it and the results will not be there, that’s for sure!

An entrepreneur should be responsible for every project he undertakes. And he must make sure that everything is done correctly, on time, and according to house and building rules. When a bad contractor is unable to control his site or is absent.

There is a risk that the work will be poorly executed. Since no employee knows exactly what aspect of the job to do. This situation can produce blunders because everyone wants to be responsible. The adage “too many chiefs and not enough Indians” therefore takes on its full meaning. A bad contractor who is too absent can cause complete disorganization of the site.

This almost always causes major problems. Often the job has to be redone or has just been done halfway. This will result in customer dissatisfaction. This kind of bad entrepreneur knows full well that his client will not give him another job. Even less a recommendation!

4. It’s all about the money

For a bad entrepreneur, it’s all about the money! We are indeed all in business to make a profit. And this is thanks to skills that have taken a lifetime to acquire. While for a bad entrepreneur. Its only goal is to take your money and get away asap!

Some of them have no professional skills or certification. They just consider it a business to generate money! Without understanding what it takes to do a good job. The true home renovation contractor has a love for his job, which he has mastered for years.

Her business is the continuation of that love of bringing the best to these customers. He simply has the desire to do his job with pride! Without cultivating the mentality of businessmen who are only looking for the profits that can be made.

Some entrepreneurs have learned their trades and have created a business. But over time, they got corrupted to the point of not caring about work anymore. But only money they can pocket. There are even stories here in Montreal of guys who has become so greedy. That they even started to lie about the quality of the products they were supposed to install at their customers!

Beware of the bad contractor you only see when it’s time for them to get paid. But when you have a complaint or a question for a foreman or supervisor, it is always impossible to reach them.

5. A bad contractor will not choose the right materials

Would you install a plastic membrane on your roof instead of asphalt shingles? Or would you use white paper glue instead of ceramic tile putty on the floor or in the shower? You think only a fool would do this, but I’m using these extreme examples to show the dangers of using the wrong materials in renovation and construction.

All municipalities in Quebec have standard building codes to prevent the use of wrong materials. Which can be dangerous for people in their homes and can have potentially fatal consequences.

We all know the dangers of lead and asbestos. But a bad contractor can deliberately use bad materials because it’s cheaper.

And for other entrepreneurs, they just don’t know what is recommended to use. Since he is simply incompetent! If your home improvement project does not meet standards.

Or if the installation materials are substandard, they just won’t last and your hard-earned money will be wasted.

Unfortunately, you will have to start all over again! And the bad money-hungry entrepreneur who just cashed your money is long gone. It is very important to hire a competent contractor who will use the right materials under building codes.

In this way, you will have the assurance that the work will not be stopped by the building management of your city.

6. He will hire questionable staff

Since he won’t have to pay workers’ compensation, no 4%, no medical or dental insurance, it’s all unofficial with a bad contractor. For this kind of entrepreneur, he thinks he can get a good deal by saving money.

Daily workers with no real-world experience can give extra help to a legitimate team at a fraction of the cost. The problem is, you don’t know who you are hiring. It is impossible to check a person’s background if you cannot trust your contractor.

Here I am not exaggerating, I have heard of day laborers who come back to people’s homes to steal them after having worked there. They knew all the entrances and knew what was in the house. When the wrong contractor was contacted for this crime. He only knew the workers by their pseudonyms and not by their real names and their addresses were false. Of course, this kind of case is rather rare. But that says a lot about the importance of having people you trust to work for you, doesn’t it?

For an owner, this is a potentially worrying situation

You trust your contractor to have people you trust in your home. That circulates your valuables and loved ones.

If an accident happens on your property, you have a good chance of being sued by the person who was injured. Whether it is an incompetent worker or a citizen working illegally. Because the bad contractor did not protect him by paying him workers’ compensation.

If the majority of daily workers are there to work. And to provide for the needs of their families and that they have no criminal intent. The contractor and the owner of the house should be safe than be sorry. As an owner, if you make sure that your entrepreneur is legitimate, you will have fewer problems.

7. A bad entrepreneur doesn’t have the right paper or certification

Poor quality documents are often the harbinger of a bad contractor. It is essential to have proper papers to run a subcontracting business, especially given the taxes, expenses, and wages that this entails.

When a contractor comes to you to give you a quote or a renovation quote. And that he only show you a sheet of plain paper without an RBQ number ( Régie du bâtiment du Québec ). It is necessary to ask him for a contract in due form before giving him money.

Make sure you verify their identity, business address, and license numbers

A few years ago in Fairfield County, we had a series of incidents in which crooks were using business cards. And the license numbers of regular contractors to extract money by asking for a deposit, then disappear with the money

when the victims of the crime went to court and saw the real entrepreneur. The victims realized they had never seen him before. The poor, quite honest entrepreneur had no idea why a complaint had been made against him.

In closing, before hiring a contractor. Even though he seems more honest than your mother. It is necessary to check these licenses and these references! Make sure you meet him in person and talk to him before you pay him a deposit.

One last piece of advice, when you sign the contract, try to be accompanied by one or more witnesses. A renovation project is a major expense and there is no risk involved! What do you think?

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