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Squirrel Extermination Services: Understanding How It’s Done

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Squirrel exterminators

Squirrels are one of the best things about having a garden. It is a joy watching them scamper from tree to tree with their bushy tail behind them. However, there is a lot more to them than their cute appearance. Squirrels do not pose any threat when there are just a couple of them. However, an entire colony of them invading your property could spell doom for your vegetable patch and plants, not to mention any grains and nuts in your pantry. With the help of the squirrel trapping service in Michigan, you can safely remove them from your property. Here is how.

Property Inspection

If there are a large number of squirrels invading your property, then the professional exterminators will want to have a look around. Trees and burrows are the choicest places for the squirrels to live in, and identifying these areas is the key to removing them from your property. The professionals will mark their entry points and the areas of activity.

Setting Traps

Squirrels are more or less gentle creatures, but of course, there are always a couple of nasty ones prone to biting. Nevertheless, they are not violent at all, and it is easy to capture them by setting traps and luring them with fruits and nuts.

However, they are highly intelligent, and they can be wary of a trap when they see one. Squirrel exterminators in Michigan will lay discreet traps, which are a highly successful method for trapping squirrels. They are then taken far away from the property and released in the wild where they can thrive.

Sealing Burrows

Once the burrows and trees are cleared of the squirrels, you need to seal any holes or furrows they might have dug in your property, or they will try to come back and inhabit them all over again. It is also essential to seal any other entry points into your house.

If they have dug in and around the basement or other sensitive areas, you need to close them up. Squirrel trapping service in Michigan not only traps the squirrels but also helps you mend any damage they might have already done.

Squirrels are a part of nature, and they are vital for the ecosystem. With proficient squirrel removal services, it is possible to cohabit by removing them from your property without harming them in any way. You will keep a clean house while the squirrels will be free to thrive elsewhere.

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