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Sea Bream with the Soft Lure, How and Where to Fish it!

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Sea Bream with the Soft Lure, How and Where to Fish it!

A challenge for the lure fishing enthusiast! Sea bream is a complex fish that will require a little experience and patience!

Sea bream and its habits

From the Sparidae family, the sea bream, and its big sister the sea bream is fished on all of our coasts: From the Channel to the Mediterranean via the Atlantic. Recognized for its fighting spirit but also its mistrust, sea bream is a challenge for the fisherman who seeks it with a lure!

Generally, present near our coasts from April, the sea bream walks in shoals and particularly likes sheltered areas containing many worms and shells, on this point the edges of oyster beds are surely the best spots to fish for sea ​​bream. soft lure!

A muscular body and surprising teeth are its assets. Ideal for unforgettable fights, unreel fishing for sea bream with a soft lure is aimed at experienced fishermen.

The equipment for sea bream with soft lure

Soft lure fishing for sea ​​bream requires light to see ultralight equipment to fully feel the lure and the slightest vibrations exerted on the line.

For my part, I recommend a mid-range jigging rod with a very high resonance while having a very large reserve of power for the fights. A weight of 3 to 10gr is ideal because the sea bream must be caught in calm areas (little current) and especially can be deep to keep good contact with the bottom! You must have reliable fishing products to enjoy your fishing and make it unforgettable.

For the spinning reel, I stay on the classic with a size 2000 to 2500 and a brake of 6 to 9 kg, the whole line with a quality 8 strand braid with a diameter of 10/100 see less! Discretion is very important in lure fishing for sea breams. The leader will be a 28/100 fluorocarbon and you can go down with experience.

The choice of the soft lure is decisive, the sea bream responds very well to the worm-shaped lure, however very wary the realism must be perfect and the hooking fast. For the jig head, it must be very discreet.

Fishing action or animation

With the arrival of new techniques such as rock fishing, the fisherman can get lost very quickly: I recommend a slow scratching type animation.

Let the lure go down to the bottom and make small blows of the tip for a minimalist animation. For the touch, do not expect a fanfare start like the bar but rather small vibrations, the shoeing must be immediate.

Soft lure fishing for sea bream can be practiced from the shore, by boat but also by kayak or paddle, but the approach to the spot must be done gently. If the fish are present the keys will multiply, and you will have the chance to catch some beautiful specimens!

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