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Right Away, Start Writing Persuasive Essays

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Writing persuasive essays is, by definition, the writer’s attempt to persuade the reader of something. It is important that the writer has a point of view to discuss, of course. The concept presented should be unique and debatable in nature. It should be clear and have two or more sides to the argument so that the reader can see and evaluate how the argument is presented. Despite the fact that the issue has many sides, only one is addressed. To determine what is the most appropriate and convincing information to use to oppose the other sides of the course, the writer must be knowledgeable about the subject matter, including the various sides it has.

Writing persuasive essays, like any other essays, has a format that the writer has to adhere into. The most important detail to consider is ensuring that the topic sentence is not a statement of fact. For all we know, facts are unarguable because they have already been proven. In order for a debate to take place, one of the characteristics of this essay is that it must have two or more sides. The topic sentence’s construction is critical because it leads the reader, along with the writer’s logic, to the conclusion that the writer wishes the reader to agree with.

Provide three reasons why the reader should support the given argument in the same introductory paragraph. These proofs will serve as the remainder of the first paragraph that will be discussed in the remaining supporting paragraphs. The body of the essay contains evidences, examples, and statistics that support the writer’s claim. Each piece of information should be discussed in detail, without using long and complicated sentences. As much as possible, the article should be written with simple and easy to understand statements.

Readers may have a hard time to figure out what the argument is really about and where it is leading to. Facts, of course, are now acceptable in this part of the article since it should persuade the reader. Transitions are used to allow the reader follow the presentation. When the writer arrives in concluding the essay, reiteration of the topic and the strongest evidence is essential.

It must always be remembered that the conclusion serves as the last opportunity to persuade the reader and it is where the reader will decide whether to agree with the writer or not. The conclusion, also, must not contain any introduction of new materials. Making such introduction may confuse the reader in accepting the proposed idea and, probably, might disagree with the article since there is another argument again, making the writer’s proposal not that convincing.

Compared to composing narrative essays, writing persuasive essays involves the avoidance of having the so-called personal tone. Though the course comes from the writer’s point of view, it is composed, except the topic sentence, and supported with facts. The writer’s personal attachment with the essay ends in choosing the subject to argue with and the rest are based on facts. To keep from making personal essaysFind Article, usage of personal pronouns is discouraged.


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