April 22, 2024


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Return of Office after Covid 19

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With every passing day, the COVID-19 situations are getting normal and companies are inviting their employees back to the offices. Also, governments in many countries have announced calling colleagues to their workplace, and companies are considering the announcement. But, inviting employees back to the office is not going to be a straightforward process. Businesses need to follow some procedures before returning to the office.

As a business, you need to ensure that your employees are fit, healthy and ready to get to the office. Also, it is imperative to take preventive measures regarding the office infrastructure, technology, and ambience. In short, you need to look at everything in the office before inviting employees back to the offices. Here are a few things you can look up to if you want to invite your employees to return to the office.

Office Infrastructure

Office infrastructure is one of the most prominent factors impacting employees’ productivity, flexibility, and workability. And it applies to both existing and new offices. It is vital to consider the building infrastructure to understand how you can set yourself up with it. If you are moving to a new office, contact your IT provider to determine the proper method of cabling and networking for your office.

To assist with IT network and services, you can contact Server Consultancy to ensure that all your employees and workstations receive the connectivity required to work efficiently. Besides, you also need to upgrade the hardware infrastructure of your organisation.

• Internet Service Provider

Most organisations entirely moved to work from home after the Covid-19 pandemic. In doing so, they also removed their internet services in the offices. But, as you’re planning to move back to the office, you need to ensure that employees get a good internet connection to work efficiently and stay productive. You need to provide the appropriate bandwidth in your office to ensure that employees can upload and download data easily.

Apart from the internet speed and bandwidth, you also need to check the reliability and the response rate to enquiries of the internet service provider. It will help you understand whether the internet provider will be a long-term partner or not.

Software and Hardware

Every employee needs to use some software and hardware to work. As employees return to the office, you must ensure that they have the right software licensing in place. For instance, many organisations need Office 365 Licensing to install and use the applications. Make sure you’re offering them the right tools to work.

Besides, you might also need to invest in new hardware for new employees. So, consider purchasing the best desktops or hardware items that offer reliability. You can also move to cloud-based infrastructure for better security and applications.

Flexible Working Environment

Having a flexible working environment has its own benefits. Most individuals get frustrated working at home, which can affect their productivity. Thus, providing a relaxed and location-independent environment can be life-changing for them. Also, it is not necessary that every employee will be ready to move to the office; some would still prefer working from home. This means that hosting remote meetings will remain a daily occurrence in your office.

It is suggested to not to leave your remote working environment entirely because it is going to be the future of working. So, the ideal approach for you is a hybrid working environment that gives you both options to operate your organisation.

Final Words

Moving to the offices after the pandemic is going to be a lot more different than earlier. People have found their comfort in remote working, and it will be a little challenging to return to the office. That’s why you need to follow specific procedures when inviting your employees back to the office. This article highlights a few points that can improve your office infrastructure.

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