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Reasons to seek emergency electricians to sort out problems

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In this age and time if there is anything is easily accessible then that is information. Google along with its competitors has revolutionised the way to get through to genuine, authentic, unbiased information just through a few clicks of the fingertip. As a result of this free and fast access to authentic information DIY approach is steadily gaining ground across every corner of the globe. But there is one domain where even the most accomplished DIY expert should stay away from. And that is electrical systems at both homes and offices.

Even a minor, silly mistake while working on electricity can prove fatal. This is even truer with emergency electrical repairs. As an amateur handyman or woman you may feel an urgent need to attempt a DIY repair to fix an electrical issue rather than calling a professional. You never know you put yourself as well your family members or employees and your property under such a massive risk.

ESFI is the shortened form of the Electrical Safety Foundation International; it is a non profit body dedicated to promote electrical safety.  The Electrical Safety Foundation International also keeps track of deaths and injuries related to electricity round the year. According to its reports, a significant number of lives are lost every year resulting from electrocution and electrical fires. The point is, according to the reports presented so far, the majority of those losses could have been prevented with a little caution and care.

To cut a long story short, all electrical works in a home should better be left to qualified and licensed electricians. It is relevant mentioning about emergency electricians in this context. The category of tradesmen is not only highly knowledgeable, widely experienced and properly trained but they are also unbelievably skilful to provide comprehensive solution to almost every problem. Moreover they are used to take customer calls during off hours like evenings, late nights, weekends and even bank holidays.

Therefore there is nothing on your part to feel obliged for while placing a call at an emergency electrical service number at odd and off hours. Your responsibility is limited to making the right decision on time seeking professional intervention instead of going DIY to solve the problem. Calling emergency electricians to tackle crisis offers lots of benefits that cannot be denied. Let us now explore those factors in the following section.

The advantages of hiring an emergency electrician

  • Saves your hard-earned money and invaluable time – the usual line of thought goes you pay more as well as wait longer for a tradesman during off hours (as a matter of fact the majority of calls for emergency electricians come at odd hours). Now look at it this way, when you go DIY to solve the problem you do the necessary research which takes up sufficient time. Then you get the parts from market before doing the necessary repair. Moreover you may not be able do it correctly the first place and thus redoing may be a necessity. When you compute all these things you will realise probably you invest a lot more this way than hiring a professional. Electricians who handle emergency repairs are used to take calls and provide services on bank holidays, weekends and late evenings. So you do not need to remain present home blowing up your weekend plan to get the emergency repair done safely. This range of professionals is available 24/7 every day a year.
  • Prompt response – emergency electricians never hesitate to pick up calls at the oddest hours. They listen to your concerns patiently and arrive at the site in the shortest possible turnaround.
  • Superb customer service – this category of electricians listens more and speaks less. They respond promptly to arrive at your property even at the most unlikely hour.
  • Upfront, transparent estimate in pricing – you get an honest and upfront estimate to solve the problem in hand. However the cost is likely to vary as there can be additional charges based on what comes up once the professional gets his hands into the ‘job’. This overall pricing approach is quite logical and acceptable. As a consumer you cannot ask for anything more when you get a thorough, accurate and bottom line estimation before the beginning of a work.
  • A valid license, an insurance coverage and treasures of experience – Electricians handling emergency services usually arrive in trucks carrying a host of tools and equipment that are needed to repair electrics systems across residential properties. This ensures the entire job gets over right away. No time is lost while running to the local electrical supplier for fetching a part or two. At the time of booking the job you should always ask who is coming to provide the service. That way you know beforehand, who and what to expect. Many emergency electrical services shoot out mail or send text message mentioning the name of the technician coming to attend to your need along with his picture. Thus you have the necessary information even before the professional arrives. You should never hesitate or shy out from asking them to show their credentials. This is because it is utmost crucial for these tradesmen that you are cool and confident with their presence.
  • Warranty of the work done – usually the majority of emergency electricians offer a guarantee on their work. The tenure of the guarantee is at least a year.
  • Positive customer reviews – these days, every reliable electrical agency that provides emergency service has their customer reviews posted online for everyone to see. You should go through those reviews if you want to get a clear picture in advance about the service quality. As a matter of fact reliable review sites like Yelp, Home Advisor and others are reputed to provide the most realistic views about these service providers. You may also log into Facebook or ask a trusted neighbour or friend for the same.  An Electrical service and electrician in Islington admits that trusted referrals are helpful for customers to choose an emergency electrician to sort out issues. 

At Electric Works London, we are available 24/7 every day a year. We have a robust team of highly trained and experienced electricians. Our service covers London as well as the nearby areas. We are reputed in providing all-round solutions to all your emergency electrical needs at a price that easily fits every budget. Feel free to give us a call any time to sort out any emergency electrical issue safe and prompt.  

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