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Looking for Waterproof Daycare Labels? Get the Most for Your Money!

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One of the most common searches for daycare labels is “how to waterproof them.” It’s a valid concern since you’ll probably want to be able to wash most of the things you end up labeling – but let’s cut out the middleman.

Instead of figuring out how to waterproof daycare labels, just start with labels that are already waterproof and then some – like Sticky Monkey Labels’ Daycare Label Packs, which come with a customizable collection of cute, useful, washable, and highly durable name labels.

Customizable Daycare Labels – What You Can Include
The labels in the above-mentioned Daycare Label Packs come with 1 oversized label, 1 large round label, 11 large rectangular labels 19 slim and mini labels (of each), 3 medium-sized round labels, 6 pairs of shoe labels, and 40 small round labels – perfect for everything you’ll need to label when you send your little one off to daycare!

They can all be customized with your child’s name, and most of them can be customized with an additional line of text – some parents use this for a phone number. All but the mini and slim labels can be customized with the additional line of text.

(Sticky Monkey Labels also sells write-on labels that you can use for updating teacher names, addresses, phone numbers, dates, and more.)

How Else Can You Personalize Them?
Names and numbers aren’t the only way to identify your child’s belongings – Sticky Monkey’s Daycare Label packs are available in many different adorable themes – such as African Safari, Animals in Space, Sports-themed packs, and many more.

Encourage your child’s imagination and sense of creativity by sending him or her off with multi-functional labels!

Are They Waterproof?
Yes, the labels in Sticky Monkey’s Daycare Labels Packs are waterproof – so no need to figure out how to waterproof them on your own!

They’re also dishwasher safe, so you can use them on plasticware or glass bottles and run them through the dishwasher.

They’re also microwave safe (great for reheating leftovers and snacks!), sterilizer safe, and refrigerator and freezer safe.

Plus, they’re as tough as your little one – they’re weatherproof and even tear-resistant.

What Materials Do They Work With?
Another great thing about Sticky Monkey’s Daycare Label Packs is that the labels in them can be used with a wide variety of materials. As long as the surface is clean, smooth, and dry, they will work with glass, metal, plastic, and even paper and cardboard. (They won’t work with silicone though, and if you’re concerned about clothing labels, Sticky Monkey Labels offers stick-on and iron-on clothing labels as well!)

How Do I Keep Them Clean?
To keep these labels clean, handwash, place in the dishwasher on the top rack, or simply wipe them down with a damp cloth.

Please do not use bleach, detergents, or essential oils on these labels, as they will cause premature fading.

What Can You Use Them for?
The labels included in the Daycare Label Packs at Sticky Monkey Labels can be used for labeling so much of your child’s essentials, including but not limited to:

● Baby bottles (and formula) as well as sippy cups
● Food containers, utensils, trays, and plates
● Lunch boxes
● Pacifiers (with overlays)
● Diapers and wipes
● Backpacks or any other satchels you send with your child
● Shoes
● Reusable plastic bags
● Toys and other personal items
● And more!

For labeling clothing, all Daycare Label Packs have the option to add matching clothing labels in either iron-on or stick-on.

Learn More at Sticky Monkey Labels!
Ready to reduce clutter, keep everything organized, and make sure everything you send off with your child comes home in the afternoon? Check out the wide variety of daycare labels, clothing labels, and write-on labels available online at Sticky Monkey Labels and feel free to contact their customer service team at 1-888-780-7734 if you have any questions!

For more information about Name Labels For Kids and Clothing Labels For Camp Please visit: Sticky Monkey Labels.

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