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Key Factors to consider before choosing your pair of Hairdressing Scissors

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Choosing the correct hairdressing scissors is essential for attractive hairs. It is important to consider how many hours a day you’ll be using them and how soon your hands can fatigue. You should think about these factors while picking out your next pair of scissors.

Type of Work

Choose your hairdressing scissors based on the type of work you plan to conduct. What percentage of your time will you be spending on cutting the hairs? What sort of people are you trying to reach with your business? Your choice of hairdressing scissors will depend on your responses to the above questions.


You should be able to hold your scissors with ease at all times. Repetitive Strain Injury might occur if you use scissors that aren’t comfortable.


When measuring the length of a scissor, it is important to keep in mind that the finger rest is not included in this measurement. It all relies on your preference and the type of cutting you’ll be doing when it comes to blade lengths.  Hair is typically combed and held in place with the fingers and regular hair cutting scissors, which are used to trim the hair in small increments. As a result, the scissor’s blades and handle are more evenly spaced out on the scale.

To ensure precision, the scissors used by a hairdresser only need to extend a few inches beyond the index finger (at most) when they are being used. You should be able to slide your fingers in and out of the handles without any difficulty.


Bevelled or convex-edged blades are the two options available for the blades of the Scissors. Blades with bevelled-edge blades have a sharpened cutting edge. Blades with a flat cutting edge can’t cut as easily as those with a steeper slant.

More expensive and difficult to work with, convex scissors have a smoother cutting edge but are also more delicate. In general, the expense of sharpening is higher. They are heavier and made of stainless steel than bevelled blades, which are made of aluminium. It’s cheaper to use bevelled blades since they require less maintenance, but they may not provide the same level of smoothness.

The Scissor Handle

Personal choice and comfort play a major role in deciding what type of handle you want.  Cutting with offset handle scissors is easier since the handle is longer than the other, allowing you to drop your arm and elbow while doing so. The hands and fingers are less stressed when the blades are more aligned and positioned because of the offset handle. In contrast, to offset handle scissors, which have a curved handle at the top, crane handle scissors have a straight handle.


When it comes to your hair cutting profession, your scissors are the most significant piece of equipment, and proper care is essential. Every pair of scissors should have its blades sharpened once a year at the very least. If your blades are convex, you should only use a professional sharpener.

Conclusion : You should always approach a good scissors brand like Danial for buying your hairdressing scissors.   When shopping for scissors, be important to inquire about the manufacturer’s warranty policy. A lifetime warranty is offered by certain manufactures, while others only give a few years. Consider the cost of purchasing a new pair of scissors every few years against the cost of purchasing a more durable pair now. Long-lasting hairdressing scissors are a need if you plan on using them for many years to come.

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