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Just How Important Are eCommerce SEO Services?

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If you run an eCommerce SEO business and think you’ll just “do SEO yourself,” you’re not alone. There are others like you, but here’s the thing; it’s not necessarily a good idea.

Unless you have a great deal of technical and analytical experience, managing a dedicated eCommerce SEO campaign is not going to come easy. It’s a lot of work, which is precisely why businesses in so many industries work with experienced digital marketers to implement their eCommerce SEO services.

Let’s take a look at why this is not a job for beginners.

There Are 200 (or More) Ranking Signals
First, let’s just talk about ranking signals. A ranking signal is something that Google uses to ascertain whether or not a website is an authority.

There are something like 200 ranking signals out there. These are only a few of them.

●Domain age and history
●Keyword optimization of site-level factors and technical structure.
●Title tags and metadata
●Site code and site security
●Site speed
●Content (length, depth, age, keyword optimization)
●Internal link structure
●Backlinks (number, quality)
●Site architecture/presence of a site map
●Mobile optimization
●And much more.

As you can see, there are many, many factors that affect SEO, and there are plenty more that we omitted here in the interest of time and digestibility.

Just being able to keep tabs on all of them alone is a herculean task. Let’s take a look at the specifics.

Running eCommerce SEO Services Is a Full-Time Job
For the purposes of illustrating the breadth and depth of expertly run eCommerce SEO services, let’s take a look at a single ranking factor (that has many spokes): content.

Content is evaluated on freshness, length, depth, link and post structure, keyword density, and of course, authority and originality.

That means each piece of content drafted needs to be planned, researched and optimized individually. That can’t even be done before performing keyword research, either.

Now consider the fact that despite how a piece of content can be considered “evergreen,” meaning that it will be valuable for a long time and continue generating organic increases for a while, a successful endeavor in eCommerce SEO services requires consistent publication and updates.

So, in its own right, just maintaining a content strategy for an eCommerce website is a full-time job. But content is only one single ranking factor, and there are many others.

That’s only one spoke of eCommerce SEO services. Take into account the fact that there are so many ranking signals makes things even more complex, such as link building, technical and on-page optimization.

Actually, Maintaining a Keyword Strategy Is a Full-Time Job, Too
On top of the actual implementation (content publication, website updates and improvements, and the like) of eCommerce SEO services, there is still the behind-the-scenes strategy planning that must be run on an ongoing basis in order to keep an SEO campaign successful.

That is also a full-time job. Keeping in front of user behavior through Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other proprietary tools is necessary to see where the organic standings are shifting and how, and how users are responding.

The analysts that follow these trends and are responsible for keyword research and strategy work very closely with the developers and content producers that manage the implementation of SEO services.

If you’re getting the drift, it’s not just a full-time job. It’s a job for multiple people (or an eCommerce SEO company).

How Businesses Can Benefit from eCommerce SEO Services
Online businesses can benefit in many ways from SEO services. These are some of the best of them:

●Long-term organic growth; Higher rankings for target keywords in the search engine results pages push correspondingly higher organic traffic.
●SEO typically boosts conversion rates.
●Expanded brand awareness and recognition
●Improved credibility
●Diminished reliance on PPC or other paid strategies
●Can support other organic marketing strategies (content marketing, social media marketing, etc.)
●Since features like web design and mobile optimization affect UX as well as SEO, an SEO campaign can also result in a much greater user experience for an eCommerce store.

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