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Is WordPress Good for SEO? [Can a WordPress SEO Expert Make It Better?]

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You don’t need to look far at all to see just how many people use WordPress to build their websites. Something like a third of all websites are WordPress sites, so it’s what we might call “sort of a big deal.”

But one of the most common questions about WordPress is “Is it good for SEO?”

Let’s take a closer look.

Is WordPress Good for SEO?
WordPress is actually excellent for SEO, and even out of the box, without any advanced configuration, can be used to build a lean, mean, optimized ranking machine, as long as you have development experience and understand SEO strategy and SEO best practices.

Even if you don’t, here are some reasons WordPress makes a great choice for SEO.

●Compatible with SEO-boosting plugins
Even laymen can give their WordPress websites an SEO boost with any of the countless SEO plugins available, including but not limited to Yoast (a great overall pick), SEMRush, All-in-On-SEO, SEOPress, SEOQuake, and Rankmath.

●Very user-friendly CMS
Literally, anyone can start building paging in WordPress, even with very little coding experience.

●SEO-friendly WordPress themes
WordPress is compatible with innumerable free themes, and there are countless resources out there indicating which are best for usability, customization, and of course, SEO.

●Managing page structure is straightforward
With a little coding experience, a plug-in like Elementor, or just using a combo of the Visual/Text editors is all you need to do to get optimizing page structure for SEO and reader-friendliness.

●There is a huge support community since WordPress is open source
Since WordPress is open-source, developers, designers, and WordPress SEO experts are not in short supply. There are tons of them.

●Plus, WordPress is free!
Not that this makes it attractive for SEO, but WordPress is a great platform for this reason alone.

How a WordPress SEO Expert Can Make It Better
Now that we know WordPress is good for SEO efforts in its own right, let’s take a look at how WordPress SEO experts can make it even better.

●Improve speed, security, navigability, and (potentially) design, all of which boost UX as well
Digital marketing experts know that site speed, security, and navigability all affect organic traffic and rankings and will improve these individually. Also, an SEO consultant can help you choose a theme (or develop one) that is optimized for search engines.

WordPress SEO packages may also include an allotment of design or dev hours that can be used to improve your web design or fix other features that impact (or are themselves) ranking signals.

●Optimize existing content, remove duplicate content, introduce fresh, optimized content
WordPress SEO services will include keyword research to uncover the greatest opportunities with the high search intent, before revamping the content on your website for search-friendliness.

●Improve internal link structure, remove “bad” links, cultivate new backlinks
Internal link structure is a huge ranking signal, as are backlinks. Toxic and broken links incur penalties. WordPress SEO experts will remove the latter while cultivating the former.

●Improve technical SEO, URL structure, and other on-page factors
There are countless on-page SEO ranking signals, including page structure, content freshness and organization, alt text and image data, meta descriptions, title tags, and much more. An SEO expert will optimize all of these.

●Work with developers to improve usability.
A high-quality website is not simply optimized by the letter of ranking signals but also is pleasing to use and encourages conversions. Positive user experience metrics have a splash effect on ranking signals, so it’s in the best interest of SEO experts but also of eCommerce merchants to fix or improve any basic usability features that affect these.

Working with a WordPress SEO Experts for Long-Term Success
When it comes to the health and optimization of your WordPress website, leave nothing to chance. Organic rankings, traffic, and user experience hang in the balance.

Let experience speak for itself. Work with the uncontested WordPress SEO experts at Genius eCommerce today to bring your website up to speed – literally – and watch the organic metrics blow through the roof!

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