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How to remove a tick from a cat without clamp?

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How to remove a tick from a cat without clamp

Ticks are mites that feed on your cat’s blood. During their blood meal, they can transmit parasites or germs that cause serious pathologies, such as piroplasmosis or Lyme disease. To preserve the health of your hairball, you must act as quickly as possible and remove it in its entirety. How to remove a tick and with what tools? Can we remove it without pliers? Tips to know to safely remove a tick from your cat. 

What accessories to remove a tick from your cat?

It’s tick season, and you’ve spotted the ticks on cats. To limit the risk of disease transmission, it must be removed quickly. A task that can prove to be complex, as this parasite is firmly attached to its host. To remove the entire body, there is an essential tool: the tick remover for cats. This small hook allows you to remove the entire tick, regardless of its size, and without this being painful for your cat. To remove it, just:

– select a hook adapted to the size of the tick.

– place it under the tick by engaging it from the side.

– turn it by lifting it very slightly, anticlockwise.

– the tick will detach itself after 2 to 3 turns.

You can also use an electric tick puller. This accessory delivers a small electric shock to the tick to facilitate its entire removal.

Whether electric or not, the tick remover is an essential tool for removing ticks safely, without having to resort to other products. In addition, it is reusable and can be easily transported when traveling or traveling with your pet.

Good to know once the tick has been released, do not crush it at the risk of being infected by its germs. To get rid of it, burn it with a lighter or immerse it in alcohol.

Can we remove a tick without forceps or with oil?

Don’t have a tick puller handy? It is nevertheless necessary to remove it as quickly as possible. However, removing a tick without forceps, with your fingers, is strongly discouraged. The risk? Let it not be removed in its entirety. In addition, you risk pressing on the body of the tick. By exerting too much pressure, you can inject disease-causing bacteria or parasites into your cat’s bloodstream.

However, keep in mind that removing a tick with tweezers requires many precautions, starting with not pulling on the tick. You risk removing only part of its body, leaving its head in your pet’s skin. It is thus necessary to be very meticulous and to turn the tick on itself to succeed in getting its head out of the skin. Once this is done, don’t forget to disinfect the area where your cat was bitten and watch for any symptoms, such as weight loss or fever.

Warning: some sites sometimes advise using oil or soap to suffocate the tick and facilitate its removal. If this technique proves effective at first glance, it is strongly discouraged, because it is dangerous for your animal. Far from being sure, it increases the risk of infection. The reason? Using an outside molecule like oil or soap can further stress the tick. The latter will then regurgitate saliva and release infectious agents to your animal.

For all these reasons, nothing beats the use of a tick remover. It is the most effective method to easily remove the tick in its entirety and without crushing it. This tool is small and easy to carry, do not hesitate to keep it with you whenever you travel with your companion. TNT Ticks’ tick removers are available in pharmacies.

Did you know?

If your pet goes out regularly, be vigilant and protect him against the risk of tick bites using TNT Ticks pest control products. In collars or pipettes, these products are effective repellents against these external parasites.

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