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How to Choose the Right Dress to Wear for a Wedding

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How to Choose the Right Dress to Wear for a Wedding

Discovery of what to put on to a wedding, especially the right dresses to wear, doesn’t have to be tricky. Do a little investigation on satisfactory appearance for that level of ceremony or occasion. (Spoiler alert: You maybe even now have at least a dress in your closet that will do for the best weddings.

If the invitation doesn’t give a dress code, first find out what time the ceremony is taking place. In general, daytime weddings are less formal than those taking place after 6 p.m., but if you’re still strapped for information, inquire about the venue ahead of time or contact another guest for their advice. Summer and spring weddings are a great time for floral prints, pastel colors, and a more playful appearance. Fall and winter weddings demand your favorite little black dress, jewelry tones, and even a faux fur stole.

What should I wear to this wedding? it’s time to cut down on all the time you spend wondering. Focusing on finding a dress, parting, or jumpsuit that will amaze you. – and knowing you can go into your closet and get exactly what you need.

To help you find the perfect dress for any ceremony and reception you might have this spring or summer (wedding season is here!), We’ve put together a chick leaf slideshow with dress ideas, dress code clues, and more.

Informal wedding party

A casual evening wedding suggests an affordable evening dress for a wedding, but also permits lots of flexibility, like a casual daytime wedding. You can put on romantic flats and maxi dress, or a little black dress and low heels – either way, you will look both stylish and appropriate.

Semi-formal evening wedding

A semi-formal evening wedding is just slightly chicer than a semi-formal daytime wedding, but you can wear the same to both. The baby girl dresses, and dressy (like daytime) heels or necklines will work, but don’t forget that an LBD is also a good choice for a semi-formal evening ceremony.

Optional black-tie wedding

The optional black tie can be a tricky dress code for weddings! Just keep in mind that the optional permits for some flexibility and variation. Usually, this means you can wear either a cocktail dress and Sun San sandals or a long evening dress – either one is acceptable. (Trendier dressers in black ties may choose an expensive midi dress in velvet or lace or a stylish jumpsuit in satin or crepe).

Black tie wedding

Black tie weddings are usually the smartest kind of ceremony, and an occasion to wear your absolute best. The black-tie dress code calls for a formal dress (usually long although a dressy dress to the knee might be appropriate, too), or your most formal cocktail attire with heels and beautiful jewelry. Accessorize with a minaudiere purse and chandelier earrings, pearls, or a jewelry statement necklace.

Wedding white tie

A white tie occasion is the most elegant of all – not typical of modern wedding ceremonies unless the bride or groom is a member of the royal family or has a title. Women will choose to put on a long dress and their best jewelry – maybe even gloves! The white tie also requires a specific level of modesty and tradition, so leave the low necklines and high slits for another, less formal occasion.

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