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How Does Parquet Wooden Flooring Enhance the Feel and Appearance on Floors?

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The main benefit of parquet floors is the ability to maintain their natural color and beauty. These floors can be easily maintained with a damp mop and a cleaning agent. It is important to keep the amount of water in the mop down to a minimum as the moisture can damage the flooring. For best results, use a hardwood floor cleaning solution. This cleaner is pH neutral and will not harm the finish. It also works to remove dirt and debris from the surface of the floor. Continue this process until the floor is thoroughly cleaned. For the final step, use a dry mop to remove any soap residue or dust.

Besides being an attractive choice for floors

Parquet flooring from Parquet Texture Dubai also has several disadvantages. They are best installed on higher levels, so they are not suitable for basements or slab foundations. However, you can still install them in those areas where the humidity is high. It’s also not suitable for humid environments, so you may want to install a wooden subfloor between the top and bottom layers of the parquet.

As parquet flooring has many cracks, it’s important to ensure that the subfloor is below grade. If you are installing parquet flooring on a slab foundation, you need to make sure the subfloor is below grade. If you’re installing it above grade, you can choose an intermediate subfloor. This will help support the wooden floor. It’s also not suitable for places where the humidity level is very high.

As a result of these characteristics

Parquet flooring is generally more durable than hardwood floors. For this reason, you can install an intermediate subfloor underneath it to support the wood. You can also place rugs on the floor to soften the sound. Lastly, you can also use a mat to prevent scratching the floor. This will help prevent your parquet flooring from becoming scratched and damaged.

Care for a parquet floor is similar to that of hardwood floors. You should sweep and dry mop the floor daily with a microfiber mop. You should also wipe wet stains or spills with a damp washcloth. Once a month, you should clean your parquet floor with a wood floor cleaner. Do not use waxes because they will make it slippery and will damage the factory finish.

After the war, wood floors became very cheap

As a result, companies started cutting corners to compete with other materials and to reduce quality. Unfortunately, this led to a degrading reputation in the industry. In the years that followed, this situation has changed drastically, and today’s wood flooring is more durable than ever. In fact, parquet floors can last decades without the need for regular maintenance.

Parquet wooden flooring is a unique style of hardwood floors. The oldest parquet hardwood flooring dates back to the 16th century when wealthy aristocrats began to install it over marble floors. Craftsmen arranged tiny pieces of wood into geometric patterns, and it quickly became a prestigious material. Then, the post-war era saw the widespread use of carpets.

When installing parquet flooring

You must keep in mind that the materials used are usually not suitable for basements and slab foundations. Because of the many cracks between each piece, parquet wooden flooring must be installed above the floor. This type of flooring is not suited for very humid locations, but it should be avoided in bedrooms. If the wood is not properly supported, it will not work properly and will not last long.


When installing parquet wooden flooring, the most important factor to consider is the location. In most cases, parquet wooden floors are installed above grade, so a slab foundation will not be a good choice. Nevertheless, this type of floor is best for high-traffic rooms and hallways. Its design makes it look elegant and stylish. You can also choose a lighter color, but you must ensure that the color of the wood is in harmony with the overall interior of the house.

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