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How Do Shopify SEO Services Increase Organic Traffic with Optimized Content?

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Organic Traffic with Optimized Content

You’ve probably heard about this a billion and a half times by now, that Shopify SEO services (or any eCommerce SEO services) can give a well-deserved boost to organic traffic.

That’s as true as ever in 2022. In fact, as Google’s algorithms get leaner, smarter, and better, the importance of organic marketing is only going to become more important, especially when it comes to improving customer relationships and increasing organic rankings.

But how, exactly, do Shopify SEO services increase organic traffic with optimized content? Let us count the ways.

On-Page, Semi-Technical SEO
The first and most basic way that Shopify SEO services can help boost organic traffic is with on-page, semi-technical adjustments.

Some of the ways in which a product or category page is fairly straightforward.

It begins with keyword research. First, a Shopify SEO expert must do a deep dive into GSC, Google Analytics, and other tools in order to identify search intent and a number of useful, targeted keywords that can be used to optimize on-page SEO.

Then, a variety of on-page ranking factors can be optimized in accordance with best practices for search engine optimization:

● Meta descriptions
● Title and header tags
● Images and alt text
● URLs
● Optimized links

Beyond these basic techniques for optimizing an eCommerce business’s online store, there are a number of techniques that Shopify marketing experts can use to improve organic traffic.

Optimizing Product and Category Pages
In addition to optimizing product and category pages in the methods mentioned above, these pages can be optimized with fresh, keyword-rich content.

● List unique product features.
● Answer common client queries.
● Detail uses that might not be apparent or disclosed by manufacturer literature.
● Offer unique tips for maintenance or care.

Adding more content to your product and category pages will also attract new users and encourage a better user experience that may correspond to higher conversion rates.

Blog About It
Your category and product pages are not the only pages on your website that can benefit from a keyword-optimized boost.

Blogging gives you the opportunity to provide long-form content to your users that answers questions about processes, products, and more.

After you’ve uncovered a list of useful target keywords, draft material that offers unique or insightful information that your clients are looking for. Answer questions, create lists of FAQs, write how-to guides, listicles, and the link. Online shoppers love them and will flock to them in droves, increasing your time-on-page and your organic rankings.

In addition, the freshness of content is a ranking signal, so simply blogging regularly can tip Google off to the fact that your website is active and rife with new information.

Keep It Simple: Answer the Question
One of the basic things to keep in mind when optimizing a Shopify website (or any website) is that in order for new content to be effective, it has to do something very basic: it has to offer value.

In order for content to rank or offer useful information to visitors, it has to contain useful information. No longer is keyword-stuff, thin-as-air content going to be effective at driving users to your website. You need substantial content, content that offers unique insights or answers questions.

How Does It Work?
Here’s what it comes down to. When you produce high-quality content, Google will first see that you have updated your website. Then it will crawl your new pages, notice you’ve used relevant keywords, and also that you’ve provided answers to several queries.

Your website will begin to increase in rankings. As users find you and click on your website and navigate through your pages, important usability metrics will increase. In turn, your rankings will continue to increase, pushing you higher in the organic search results, increasing your organic traffic.

If it sounds like it’s effective, it is.

If it sounds like a lot of work, that is also true.

That’s why so many Shopify clients work with proven Shopify SEO experts to craft custom SEO campaigns for their businesses.

One such provider of Shopify SEO services is 1DigitalⓇ Agency, which for ten years now has been delivering custom digital marketing products, including dedicated SEO, social media, and content marketing campaigns to merchants on Shopify. They even offer web design and development services as well.

If you’re ready to take your organic traffic to the next level – and you want to see the monthly reporting to prove it – contact 1Digital Agency at 888-982-8269 today.

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