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How Do I Know If a Driver Shaft for Sale Is Right for Me?

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Playing with a driver shaft that is not well paired to your abilities or to your driver club head is like running in work boots. The fact of the matter is that gear and equipment are designed and developed in order to serve a player’s needs, and now two driver shafts for sale are exactly the same.

So, if you’ve never picked out a driver shaft for sale on your own, what are the most important features you need to be aware of before buying?

Length in Driver Shafts for Sale
Length is one of the most important features in a driver shaft simply because if it is not the right size it will be difficult if not impossible to play with. Think about a driver shaft, metaphorically, like a pair of golf shoes. They need to fit!

Playing with a golf shaft that is too long can result in a whole bunch of shot errors, not the least of which are fat shots that can mess up your game and potentially damage your golf club head or shaft. If the shaft is too short, you could have problems on the other side – like lean shots and other frustrating errors.

Luckily, it’s fairly easy to take your measurements and they’re pretty static. Once you know what they are and what size driver shaft you need, you can apply and reapply that every time you buy a new golf shaft.

The Importance of the Proper Flex
Shaft flex is one of the most important features of driver shafts for sale. Just like playing with a shaft that is not the right size can be frustrating while compounding shot errors, the same frustrations will arise from playing with a golf shaft that is either too stiff (or not stiff enough).

Generally speaking, the faster a player’s swing, the stiffer a shaft they will need. To players that naturally have higher swing speeds, a stiffer shaft will feel like it offers greater control and precision and more feedback as well.

However, players with slower swing speeds can be frustrated by stiffer golf shafts because it is harder to play with them and harder to generate high enough swing speeds to achieve the desired range and accuracy.

Players with slower swing speeds generally use more flexible golf shafts because they are more forgiving and enable the same players to reach greater shot distances while controlling shot dispersion.

Beyond these general observations about the importance of shaft flex and length, a professional club fitting service can help a player pinpoint what traits to look for in driver shafts for sale.

Professional club fitting services will not only involve taking measurements but an interview with a trainer that will help a player determine just what specifics a player needs in terms of flex, kick point, torque, shaft weight, material, and other features.

Where Can I Find Driver Shafts for Sale?
If you’re looking for either professional assistance or a wide range of driver shafts for sale, visit Dallas Golf Company at DallasGolf.com. Their online store carries a wide range of top golf shafts for sale, including but not limited to Aldila, Fujikura, True Temper, MCA, and countless others.

You can also visit their store in Dallas, Texas to take advantage of their professional club fitting services. Get in touch with them at 800-955-9550 if you have any questions.

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