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Homes with Acreage for Sale in Tucson AZ: Benefits of Homes with Acreage

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Benefits of Homes with Acreage

While many people prefer city life, others associate city life with noise, stress, and negative energy. And if you choose to live in the city, your housing options are usually limited to homes with little yard space or condominiums. There is another option for those people who do not find city-dwelling appealing; a home with acreage. If you opt for a home with acreage, you get to live outside but close to the city on one full acre of land you call your own, and you will lead a lifestyle that is more laid back. If you are one of those people who prefer country life, where there is privacy, less traffic, fresher air, more space, and you are looking to buy a home in Arizona, then you should consider homes with acreage for sale is Tucson, AZ.

What is an acreage home?

The word “acreage” refers to a piece of land that is approximately one acre. So, an acreage home is constructed on private land, at least one acre but usually bigger. It is the perfect choice of property for people who love to live in the country but close to major cities. There are several benefits associated with homes with acreage for sale in Tucson, AZ.

Here are some benefits of buying a home on acreage in Tucson, AZ:

1. Privacy

One of the main reasons some people prefer the country or rural life with an acreage home is privacy. Living in the city means that your neighbors will be very close to you; most houses have very little space between them. Some homes are so close that you can easily see into your neighbor’s home. You can avoid this lack of privacy by buying an acreage property instead. Living on a full acre of land, with lots of space between properties, means much-needed privacy from your neighbors. Adding a fence or choosing land next to wetlands conservation will make the property even more secluded.

2. Surrounded by nature

If you love nature and like the idea of living on a property that is surrounded by nature, then you should purchase a home on acreage. Enjoying nature is not something that city-dwellers get to enjoy. Living in the country means that you get to enjoy beautiful nature views such as trees and landscaping. By adding features such as a pool, gazebo, patio, or dirt bike trail, you will make the property even more appealing.

3. Great property value

One of the best things to invest in is immovable property, mainly because this kind of property has great value. Because you cannot reproduce land, it is a very valuable resource. So, if you can find an acreage home that you love in a preferred area, it’s worth investing in because you will be the owner of a valuable resource and asset. Not only is an acreage home built on a large piece of land (which is valuable), the improvements add more value to the entire property.

4. Lots of storage space

You could also consider a home on acreage if you need adequate storage space. If you love the outdoors and you own things such as a boat, trailer, motorcycles, garden equipment, and other items, an acreage property will be the ideal place for you to live because of the extra land space it provides. You can even build a backyard shed for storing your items, protecting them from the elements. Of course, make sure that you keep those items while following any applicable homeowner’s association (HOA) guidelines.

Mid-century modern homes for sale in Tucson

Just because you live in the country does not mean that you cannot live in the house of your dreams. If you prefer a mid-century-style home located a short distance away from the city on private land that is one acre or more in size, you can always buy an acreage home with a mid-century modern style. Alternatively, you can purchase land with no structures and build the house from scratch or renovate the house already there to your liking. Mid-century modern homes have features such as flat panes, large windows, and elevation changes. If you are looking for a mid-century house for sale Cochise County has a wide selection of homes to choose from.

Maybe you have been living in the city because you had no other choice, but now an opportunity has arisen to live in the country where you have always wanted to live. If you prefer staying in the Arizona area, consider buying a home on acreage in Tucson, AZ.

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