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History of Marketing- How the World’s Top Brands Have Evolved from Traditional to Digital

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You’ve probably seen these questions everywhere on the internet. How has digital marketing changed over time? What was traditional marketing like in the olden days? But how do these marketers know what traditional marketing was like? Sure, they might have heard stories from their parents or read about it in books, but how many of us truly know what things were like before we were born? This article is a brief history of all major marketing trends and techniques from traditional to digital and where we stand today. Nowadays there are many marketing companies that provide marketing services. However, you need to select a digital marketing agency that knows both latest and old marketing methods.

Digital marketing is quite new, but traditional marketing has been around since the beginning of time:

Digital marketing is used to market things online. It is not just for social media. Digital marketing includes email marketing, paid search advertising, content marketing, SEO, and many more strategies for digital marketing. Digital marketing is new, but traditional marketing has been around for a long time. We often compared them in the Boston Consulting Group Global Media & Advertising Report in 2013. Twitter won that comparison.

According to Content Marketing Institute:

Twitter is a powerful marketing force. There are 235 million people who use Twitter, and it has become one of the most important ways to market things. It changes traditional marketing by using new technology and making it easier for people to find what they want. While traditional media spends over five hours creating content for an average five-minute broadcast, Twitter does this in seconds.

By measuring and analyzing all tweets, we can tell how people think about brands. We can also see what is being said on the internet. Then we can see what people are saying to brands on social media–we can do this by using Twitter.

Today, traditional marketing is combined with digital marketing. Brands are making content that we can share on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. These new habits have changed what people want to buy. This has led businesses to change what they sell.

Know technical details of digital marketing?

Digital marketing uses the internet and various other things like apps, social media, and display advertising to reach potential customers. Digital marketing also includes all of the traditional channels like television and radio. YouTube was a big internet site in the late 2000s. People gave out Guy Kawasaki’s book signed on YouTube’s 10th birthday in 2010. Digg is a place on the internet where you can find content and share it with others. Marketers need to have a Digg button because people read it and share it too!

A lot of people submitted content when Digg launched in 2005. But it wasn’t until later on that the site became popular. The front page of Digg displays 100 updates in 100 seconds and buzzes with users submitting their content. Successful submissions can get shown on the front page of Digg, and currently, it is ranked first in terms of traffic.

According to Similar Web, Digg reached 22.1 million in traffic in mid-November, a 3.2% increase from November 2010. It is now ranked number one according to traffic. According to Similar Web, Evan Fishkind is the creator of Young Turks and r/pics (literally translated as “pictures”). He also started Upworthy. Unlike Digg, Reddit is a place where people can post things. It has many different topics, called subreddits. You can make your subreddit and tell other people about it.

How has traditional marketing evolved?

In 2021, there has been a lot of growth in different types of digital marketing. In SEO and content marketing, organic search referral traffic grew for the first time in 6 years. This has been happening while the 5G rollout has helped mobile search traffic skyrocket.

The amount of traffic from SEO is also increasing. More people are using it. This has made industry demand higher because more marketers are also interested in using it. When there were lots of people who had in-house SEO experts, the work was not so hard. But now, more and more people are doing it themselves so they can be successful too!

There are a few big companies that dominate the world of digital marketing. These companies use media and create awareness for this type of marketing. They have caused an obsession because people always want to prove their “secret sauce”. In the past, we did marketing in only a few different ways. Websites were about one thing, and passive businesses were rarer than they are now. Nowadays, all types of marketing methods are used.

Maddy Carter is a social media expert. He says that my generation, the first one without traditional marketing, doesn’t care about it. The other generations do care. We were brought up with it and know what it is like to live without it too.

The latest digital technology gives an extra boost to your business because it is cost-effective:

You can do your ads anytime and anywhere. You don’t need to work on it more than once. It is good if you have a brand that people will pay attention to. This way, more people will see it and click on it.

In the digital era, people are turning away from regular advertising. They prefer to get their information on the internet. So, advertisers should post good content on blogs and social media profiles to reach 18-29-year-olds who only read 15% of regular print newspapers.


Digital and traditional marketers are all part of one big industry that’s constantly evolving, and it can be difficult to keep up with all the changes that happen over time. To fully understand the digital industry, businesses need to have both traditional and digital marketers. To truly tell a brand’s story across all channels, a company needs to use a combination of marketing strategies that will appeal to current and potential customers. The best digital marketing agencies know how to combine these two types of marketers because they respect the fact that there is no one size fits all approach to reaching those who could become prospects. This means working side by side with traditional and digital marketers for brands and organizations alike to reach their target audience.

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