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Everpure Water Filtration Systems Are Not Just For Pet Owners

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Public water systems, as we are all aware, can contain a variety of pathogens. But we already knew that which is why we’re drinking the “clean” water. Despite this, many people still use tap water to fill pet bowls. Water is essential to the survival of all animals and humans. Animals, like ourselves, are made up of around 80% water. Because of this, the majority of animal specialists feel that pets should be provided bottled and/or filtered water. Municipal and well water, as previously mentioned, can include a variety of dangerous contaminants, including parasites. Those scary stuff doesn’t care if you’re a pet owner or not! If tap water is heavy in iron, magnesium, or nitrates, it is very dangerous. Both you and your pet could be harmed by these chemicals.

Why Is Typical Municipal Water So Contaminated?
Many additions have been added to municipal tap water to keep it free of bacteria and harmful substances. There is no longer any cause for concern regarding bacteria like E. coli since dogs consume rotting carcasses and their own excrement. While not harmful in the short term, fluoride (which is added to all public water systems) and residues of heavy metals can be harmful in the long haul. Not to mention, chlorine in the water systems.

Fluoride is a hot-button issue when it comes to pets. Veterinarians are divided on whether it is safe or harmful. There is no arguing the fact that consuming traces of metals is harmful. Because of this, Everpure Water Filtration Systems should be as enjoyable for you as well as they are for everyone else.

Your Pet’s Health Is at Risk from Tap Water Contaminants
Tap water contamination is far more common than you may believe, making it much more likely that your canine companion will become infected with parasites and other toxins. A lot of water travels through creaky and rusty pipes before it reaches your dog’s water bowl, making it unsafe to drink. Your dog’s liver may be damaged if copper gets into the water supply, causing copper storage hepatopathy. Those toxins are eliminated by Everpure Water Filtration Systems, which provides you with clean water that is safe for you and your fur babies to consume.

Healthier Hooman, Healthier Pets
Your pet’s health is greatly improved by giving it access to clean water, which flushes out the poisons they currently have and any food they’ve ingested without your knowing. Water filtration systems like Everpure Water Filtration Systems are the only choice for your canine companions. Small breeds and elderly dogs, in particular, have more fragile digestive systems and poorer immune systems than other dogs.

Providing your pet with access to clean, filtered water will ensure that they live a long and healthy life. This is because clean water aids in cell growth and regeneration. That way, they can recover from illnesses quickly and lead normal lives with minimal discomfort.

In terms of what kind of water your dog should drink, many experts (including your pup’s doctor) recommend that you should provide them with water that is of the same quality as what you drink. Viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens do not make a distinction between puppies and humans.

There are now so many faucet filtration systems on the market that finding one for a fair price is no longer an issue. Now that nothing stands in your way, it’s time to get your dog and yourself some Everpure filtered water.

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