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Eight Tips for Successful Public Speaking

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Eight Tips for Successful Public Speaking

Public speaking: a dreaded exercise for some. However, companies rely more and more on the charisma of their employees to communicate. How to make a good impression? Stay Zen before the big day? Advice.

Before leading a meeting or round table, here are the tips to follow to manage your apprehension.

– Identify places

Before D-Day, visit the place where you will intervene and take your marks. Because each place has its constraints: the size of the room, type of stage, technical equipment. “The unknown is a source of anguish. Consequently, the more information we have about the place, the better it is,” summarizes Robin Fisher Roffer, the trainer at Big Fish Marketing.

– Take care of your entrance

The first impression is often the right one! “Arrive with your head held high, with a smile, and look at the assembly to capture their attention”, explains Robin Fisher Roffer. And if you don’t feel comfortable, you better say it. “You must stay away from masking your emotion at all costs, be honest and let your audience know that this exercise is not easy for you. It will create empathy.”

From the start, try to make an impression

– The first words

Here too, try to mark the spirits. You can start your presentation with a surprising quote, which will catch the audience’s curiosity. Another technique: propose a vote about your intervention. “The motivational speaker thus has material to bounce back from. He is no longer alone in front of his audience but in a conversation with him. Finally, do not neglect the introduction of your topic. “Introduce yourself, list the objectives of your presentation, draw up a plan and specify the timing associated with it,” advises Jean-Jacques Malherbe, career transition specialists, and professional actor.

– Fluidity of the subject

There aren’t any boring topics, there are only boring best public speakers of all time! So, opt for clear language, a dynamic vocabulary, which does not put off anyone. Also be careful to control your speaking speed, silences, and pauses. “You have to know when to stop, so as not to suffocate your audience,” says Jean-Jacques Malherbe. Finally, don’t memorize your text.

– Parasitic gestures

“You have to be open, even in the gestures”, explains Jean-Jacques Malherbe. Avoid crossing your arms, looking up at the ceiling or outside, and with your back to the audience. “These actions reflect a lack of security, and because of credibility. Likewise, think about your visual angle. “It is important to look at the whole room and not to forget anyone”, specifies Robin Fisher Roffer.

– humor

To be handled with a grain of salt! Unless it is well mastered, humor can have a “catastrophic effect on people who are not used to using it”, warns Jean-Jacques Malherbe. More generally, being yourself is the golden rule for successful speaking. Adopting an attitude or a dress style that would not suit you would destabilize you.

– Generate applause

“It is very important for the dynamics of a meeting to have the inspirational speaker applaud. We must therefore assign one or two employees to trigger the first ovation,” insists Robin Fisher Roffer.

– The question/answer game

It usually occurs after the procedure. There are several subterfuges to avoid the famous silence which precedes the first question. “Plan a general question to be asked by a long-time customer or an employee”, explains Robin Fisher Roffer. Or, if you feel up to it, use humor by saying:” The first question is always the most difficult to ask, I suggest you go directly to the second!”

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